Table idempiere9.adempiere.ad_user
User within the system - Internal or Business Partner Contact

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
ad_user_id numeric 10
ad_orginfo.supervisor_id aduser_adorginfo N
ad_preference.ad_user_id ad_user_preference R
ad_user.salesrep_id salesrep_aduser R
ad_user.supervisor_id aduser_supervisor R
c_bpartner.salesrep_id adusersalesrep_cbpartner N
User within the system - Internal or Business Partner Contact
ad_client_id numeric 10
ad_client.ad_client_id ad_user_client R
Client/Tenant for this installation.
ad_org_id numeric 10
ad_org.ad_org_id ad_user_org R
Organizational entity within client
isactive bpchar 1 'Y'::bpchar The record is active in the system
created timestamp 29,6 now() Date this record was created
createdby numeric 10 User who created this records
updated timestamp 29,6 now() Date this record was updated
updatedby numeric 10 User who updated this records
name varchar 60 Alphanumeric identifier of the entity
description varchar 255  √  null Optional short description of the record
password varchar 1024  √  null Password of any length (case sensitive)
email varchar 60  √  null Electronic Mail Address
supervisor_id numeric 10  √  null
ad_user.ad_user_id aduser_supervisor R
Supervisor for this user/organization - used for escalation and approval
c_bpartner_id numeric 10  √  null
c_bpartner.c_bpartner_id cbpartner_aduser C
Identifies a Business Partner
processing bpchar 1  √  null Process Now
emailuser varchar 60  √  null User Name (ID) in the Mail System
emailuserpw varchar 255  √  null Password of your email user id
c_bpartner_location_id numeric 10  √  null Identifies the (ship to) address for this Business Partner
c_greeting_id numeric 10  √  null Greeting to print on correspondence
title varchar 40  √  null Name this entity is referred to as
comments varchar 2000  √  null Comments or additional information
phone varchar 40  √  null Identifies a telephone number
phone2 varchar 40  √  null Identifies an alternate telephone number.
fax varchar 40  √  null Facsimile number
lastcontact timestamp 29,6  √  null Date this individual was last contacted
lastresult varchar 255  √  null Result of last contact
birthday timestamp 29,6  √  null Birthday or Anniversary day
ad_orgtrx_id numeric 10  √  null
ad_org.ad_org_id adorgtrx_aduser R
Performing or initiating organization
emailverify varchar 40  √  null Verification information of EMail Address
emailverifydate timestamp 29,6  √  null Date Email was verified
notificationtype bpchar 1 'X'::bpchar Type of Notifications
isfullbpaccess bpchar 1 'Y'::bpchar The user/contact has full access to Business Partner information and resources
c_job_id numeric 10  √  null Job Position
ldapuser varchar 60  √  null User Name used for authorization via LDAP (directory) services
connectionprofile bpchar 1  √  null How a Java Client connects to the server(s)
value varchar 40  √  null Search key for the record in the format required - must be unique
userpin varchar 20  √  null User PIN
isinpayroll bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar Defined if any User Contact will be used for Calculate Payroll
ad_user_uu varchar 36  √  NULL::character varying AD_User_UU
ismenuautoexpand bpchar 1  √  null If ticked, the menu is automatically expanded
salt varchar 16  √  NULL::character varying Random data added to improve password hash effectiveness
islocked bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar Locked
dateaccountlocked timestamp 29,6  √  null Date Account Locked
failedlogincount numeric 10 (0)::numeric Failed Login Count
datepasswordchanged timestamp 29,6  √  null Date Password Changed
datelastlogin timestamp 29,6  √  null Date Last Login
isnopasswordreset bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar No Password Reset
isexpired bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar Expired
securityquestion varchar 1024  √  null Security Question
answer varchar 1024  √  NULL::character varying Answer
issaleslead bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar This contact is a sales lead
c_location_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric Location or Address
leadsource varchar 10  √  NULL::character varying The source of this lead/opportunity
leadstatus varchar 10  √  NULL::character varying The status of this lead/opportunity in the sales cycle
leadsourcedescription varchar 255  √  NULL::character varying Additional information on the source of this lead/opportunity
leadstatusdescription varchar 255  √  NULL::character varying Additional information on the status of this lead/opportunity
c_campaign_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric Marketing Campaign
salesrep_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
ad_user.ad_user_id salesrep_aduser R
Sales Representative or Company Agent
bpname varchar 60  √  NULL::character varying BP Name
bp_location_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric Address of the Business Partner
isaddmailtextautomatically bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar The selected mail template will be automatically inserted when creating an email
r_defaultmailtext_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric Default mail template
ad_image_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric Image or Icon
isnoexpire bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar No Expire
issupportuser bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar Support User
isbillto bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar Business Partner Invoice/Bill Address
isshipto bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar Business Partner Shipment Address
isvendorlead bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar This contact is a vendor lead

Table contained 8 rows at 2021-12-25 14:46 +0100

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
ad_user_id Primary key Asc ad_user_pkey
email Performance Asc ad_user_email
ad_user_uu Must be unique Asc ad_user_uu_idx

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