Table idempiere9.adempiere.ad_orginfo
Organization Info

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ad_org_id numeric 10
ad_org.ad_org_id adorg_adorginfo C
Organizational entity within client
ad_client_id numeric 10 Client/Tenant for this installation.
isactive bpchar 1 'Y'::bpchar The record is active in the system
created timestamp 29,6 now() Date this record was created
createdby numeric 10 User who created this records
updated timestamp 29,6 now() Date this record was updated
updatedby numeric 10 User who updated this records
c_location_id numeric 10  √  null Location or Address
duns varchar 11 Dun & Bradstreet Number
taxid varchar 20 Tax Identification
pa_goal_id numeric 10  √  null
supervisor_id numeric 10  √  null
ad_user.ad_user_id aduser_adorginfo N
Supervisor for this user/organization - used for escalation and approval
parent_org_id numeric 10  √  null
ad_org.ad_org_id adorgparent_adorginfo N
Parent (superior) Organization
ad_orgtype_id numeric 10  √  null
ad_orgtype.ad_orgtype_id adorgtype_adorginfo R
Organization Type
m_warehouse_id numeric 10  √  null
m_warehouse.m_warehouse_id mwarehouse_adorginfo R
Storage Warehouse and Service Point
transferbank_id numeric 0  √  null Bank account depending on currency will be used from this bank for doing transfers
transfercashbook_id numeric 0  √  null CashBook for transfers
receiptfootermsg varchar 1023  √  null This message will be displayed at the bottom of a receipt when doing a sales or purchase
dropship_warehouse_id numeric 10  √  null
m_warehouse.m_warehouse_id dropshipwarehouse_adorginfo R
The (logical) warehouse to use for recording drop ship receipts and shipments.
c_calendar_id numeric 10  √  null Accounting Calendar Name
logo_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric Logo
phone varchar 40  √  NULL::character varying Identifies a telephone number
phone2 varchar 40  √  NULL::character varying Identifies an alternate telephone number.
fax varchar 40  √  NULL::character varying Facsimile number
email varchar 60  √  NULL::character varying Electronic Mail Address
ad_orginfo_uu varchar 36  √  NULL::character varying AD_OrgInfo_UU

Table contained 10 rows at 2021-12-25 14:46 +0100

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
ad_org_id Primary key Asc ad_orginfo_pkey
ad_orginfo_uu Must be unique Asc ad_orginfo_uu_idx

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