iDempiere, the ideal solution

Category: iDempiere Published: Tuesday, 11 December 2007 Written by Administrator

One of the most relevant features of iDempiere is that it was designed by thinking about all the parameters required for any software that is trying to meet the needs of the business world. This is why, unlike most ERP on the market, it does not work based on a modular concept, but rather on a business process concept, providing a more logical functionality.

With iDempiere your business will be able to manage resources, finances, customers and providers in a consistent and effective way due to the integrity of the Software's features. Because iDempiere is a unitary, integrated and complete system, it provides unified information about the business, including every area in the organization allowing you to have full control of it.

Idempiere lets you control, adapt, update, add features, and extend the application to meet the growing business needs and market requirements.

Integration into iDempiere applies to CRM (Client Relationship Management), the Web Store, and to the ERP information (Enterprise Resource Planning).

The great advantage of being an open source application, is the fast and growing community job, they are always bringing new services, implementations, training, support and maintenance in an agile way, granting that the latest version is available at all time.

The flexible model of iDempiere, the workflows, documents and transactions are adaptable to the needs of your business, unlike the traditional implementations, forcing you to adapt your business to the software. 

The ERP & CRM was designed with current market conditions, with all the functionality like multi-currency, multi-tenant, multi-language, multi-accounting, multi-tax, multi-costing. All these multi's gives great stability with a parameterization that meets the requirements of any business.

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