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CarlosRuiz: Good morning
nmicoud: Bonjour !
tbayen: Good morning from germany!
a42niem: Guten Tag
CarlosRuiz: Today I'll be working to make idempiere 3.0 compatible with adempiere 3.8
CarlosRuiz: This is the plan:
CarlosRuiz: - I'm going to integrate all existing plugins into core
CarlosRuiz: - we need to deprecate the new 2pack
CarlosRuiz: - I'll try to restore jboss support instead of jetty
CarlosRuiz: - the tools to create views, foreign keys, indexes must be dropped from idempiere to make it compatible
CarlosRuiz: - sorry we need to get rid of hazelcast and back to the cache reset for synchronization
CarlosRuiz: - dropping hazelcast of course mean no more broadcast messaging - but is ok for compatibility
CarlosRuiz: - we'll be back to the old window layout and drop the tab editor
CarlosRuiz: - security is not really important - why to solve security issues? I'll try to reintroduce the security holes that are still in adempiere 3.8 to make idempiere more compatible
CarlosRuiz: more information about the plan here:
nmicoud: :D
a42niem: haha
tbayen: I wanted this week to port iDempiere to sqlite. Can we intergrate that in your patches?
CarlosRuiz: :) sure that's good
CarlosRuiz: it will have sucess as the mysql port integrated into core
tbayen: Hi druiz , nice to see you ;)
druiz: Guten tag everyone
deepak_: Carlos, Don't scare...
CarlosRuiz: Hi deepak_, druiz
deepak_: Carlos, iDempiere webstore confusing on user login. It use somewhere email and some part using username for login
deepak_: It should consistently use email I think with support for multiple BPartner per email
CarlosRuiz: webstore must use just email - and it doesn't require a role AFAIR
CarlosRuiz: :) deepak_ do I look scared? destroying is easier than creating - so compatibility with 3.8 must not be a big task :D
hieplq_: @CarlosRuiz, i feel confuse and thinking your nick is hacked, until i see your link. it's nice joke
CarlosRuiz: :D
ocurieles: Good Morning - Buenos dias a todos
CarlosRuiz: Hi Orlando
CarlosRuiz: tbayen / druiz - are you interested in the preference window?
tbayen: Yes, we talked about that yesterday. We wanted to introduce a new preference. Your approach seems very powerful and extendable. I would like to sponsor the work on that.
nmicoud: CarlosRuiz, could you have a look at!topic/idempiere/faz7Cdl6NTo and!topic/idempiere/5i2H2kDe5Kk. As I need to implement them, I would like to know if it could be integrated in trunk ?
norbertbede: hi all
CarlosRuiz: hi norbertbede
ocurieles: @CarlosRuiz are you talking about this : ??
ocurieles: hi @norbertbede
ocurieles: hey, i see cheap tickets to europe, when is the conference ?
CarlosRuiz: AskForAcknowledgment is a good example for user preference - I think that's good - but maybe better as a user preference than adding columns to AD_User
nmicoud: Yep, it could be a good example :)
CarlosRuiz: about the LDAP thing - I think the LDAP implementation has a failure in multi-tenant
nmicoud: So i can add the column on the WEMailDialog and the default will be added on the 'new' user preference
CarlosRuiz: yep sounds good
aguerra: JAJAJAJJA
aguerra: buenos dias a todos!!!!
CarlosRuiz: Hi Alejandro
nmicoud: Hi !
norbertbede: uff. i get confused from adempiere 3.8 introduction but looks me 1st april joke...
norbertbede: hope wel
aguerra: today sounds like a happy day !!!
CarlosRuiz: If I recall correctly LDAP is designed as AD_System instead of AD_Client - and that's a flaw for multi-tenant systems
druiz: @CarlosRuiz yes I'm interested in the preference window development. We just need to talk about how do you think is the best way to do it
nmicoud: right Carlos
nmicoud: but note that the LDAP field (as we used it) is not linked to a ldap system
nmicoud: is confusing, i mean, the column should be called "username"
CarlosRuiz: we were talking about that recently - and hieplq_ suggested an apache library
CarlosRuiz: don't remember the name - to integrate as authenticator
nmicoud: yes, i also remember
CarlosRuiz: tbayen, druiz, about the preference window
CarlosRuiz: so, you think creating a table+window is a good idea?
tbayen: Yes, I think so. But the look and feel of the old solution is good. After the change it should feel the same. Just one button more to open a window to configure it.
CarlosRuiz: I thought that we can keep showing in the preference window the fields marked as quick entry
hieplq_: i think add a column to say what's fields is at quick entry.
CarlosRuiz: it already exists hieplq
hieplq: anyone know reason for why we keep below behavior? in standard window (example sale), do a button action (complete, report) a busy dialog is show but has no mask (user still access to field in window)
CarlosRuiz: could be dangerous if you can change a value when completing
CarlosRuiz: old same discussion here
tbayen: If anybody is interested: We are working to improve the iuimobile interface. We found some flaws and improved some things already.
CarlosRuiz: keep in sync with egil - he also fixed three bugs recently
CarlosRuiz: I saw three problems with the iuimobile
CarlosRuiz: * not compatible with role access all orgs
tbayen: Yes, we included egils work.
CarlosRuiz: * it doesn't show the logo configured for zkwebui via sysconfig
druiz: @CarlosRuiz Idk if you're saying this, create a new "Preference for" option like user and then see how and where we get those preferences?
CarlosRuiz: * there are many resultset and preparedstatement close that must be moved to finally block
aguerra: @tbayen look that this ..
CarlosRuiz: druiz, in the group link maybe is better explained
CarlosRuiz: more direct
druiz: :D ok looks good.
CarlosRuiz: as I see changes required at
CarlosRuiz: Login.loadPreferences
CarlosRuiz: WPreference to show the fields marked as quick entry and add a link to open the new window
red1: I am standing for elections in ADempiere. Happy April Fool's Day.
CarlosRuiz: :DDDD
red1: That's why I am here in Munich
red1: Tomorrow I head to my Eagle's Nest in Austria.
red1: My General Dietmar is ready with 3 tanks
druiz: @CarlosRuiz Sure, that sounds good, how do you want to do it and when would you like to start? :D
HansR42a: 2 Issues with have been solved (sorting and scrolling)
HansR42a: Hi Red1
HansR42a: Hope weather is better than yesterday in Munich
CarlosRuiz: druiz, starting point must be to open a JIRA ticket
CarlosRuiz: and attach a patch to it
CarlosRuiz: in the ticket copy the comments from the forum
CarlosRuiz: hieplq, how's the feedback of experimental server?
egil0902: good morning
aguerra: hi egil
tbayen: Hi egil0902
egil0902: hi @aguerra
egil0902: hello @tbayen
CarlosRuiz: Hi Eduardo
tbayen: We are working on iuimobile and improved some things. Thanks for your last contributions. I hope we can make it even better. :-)
red1: Hi HansR42a
red1: Trains still out
red1: But free taxis given
egil0902: excelente. yesterday i put the image in attachment in the search of products
egil0902: hi @CarlosRuiz i did not see you
nmicoud: Hi egil0902, did you have time to review the multi-charge payment ?
hieplq: @CarlosRuiz, about experimental, see no error in log, hope @norbertbede and @ocurieles maybe help with more test
CarlosRuiz: hieplq, what would be the recommended tests?
norbertbede: sure
CarlosRuiz: I guess must be something like:
CarlosRuiz: - run reports defining a print format - type and summary flag
CarlosRuiz: - from menu and from buttons
egil0902: hi nmicoud
hieplq: i think need test relate: save parameter, and message after run a process from dialog
egil0902: i did not know it was ready
nmicoud: i made a first version last week
nmicoud: and commit fixes
red1: Hi eg
red1: Hi egil0902
egil0902: hi red1
egil0902: nmicoud i am going to check this an tell you
nmicoud: thanks
hieplq: @CarlosRuiz. relate leak resource, i has patch at IDEMPIERE-2544, please consider to review
CarlosRuiz: that's a patch to help discover leaks?
hieplq: @CarlosRuiz. no, it's patch for fix leak.
hieplq: somewhere isn't a leak but make eclipse warning,
CarlosRuiz: I don't see the leak on ColumnEncryption
hieplq: yes. it's where not leak, but eclipse make warning
hieplq: i think it's limit of eclipse.
CarlosRuiz: yes - lots of warnings - better to configure eclipse to not show those warnings
CarlosRuiz: mixed refactoring and fixes on the same commit - hard to review
CarlosRuiz: the leaks are critical issues to solve - the warnings are minor that can be workarounded in eclipse
hieplq: ok. will separate it.
CarlosRuiz: in principle I would not spend too much time solving those false warnings - seems like an eclipse bug
hieplq: configuration hide this warning will hide also warning about true leak
CarlosRuiz: so, we need a more potent tool to discover leaks - I think we tried in past with findbugs
CarlosRuiz: don't remember if those are more helpful
hieplq: yes. in past i also use findbug. try install in new eclipse but not success.
hieplq: ok. will separate my patch and notify you late.
hieplq: has some other true leak.
CarlosRuiz: more people suffering from the same
CarlosRuiz: good catch on the FactReconcile
CarlosRuiz: I didn't notice the fix was on your patch too - as it was mixed
CarlosRuiz: but also I fixed a little the indentation - worst indentation to know if the finally was closing the try :D
CarlosRuiz: hieplq, on the script 201502041515_IDEMPIERE-2389.sql from Deepak - I see in postgresql is creating one element that is not on oracle
CarlosRuiz: meaning oracle will throw error on migration script
CarlosRuiz: those errors are caught by the jenkins daily installer task - but I didn't setup a daily installer for experimental - maybe is worthy
CarlosRuiz: hieplq, I committed the fix on experimental
hieplq: @CarlosRuiz, thanks.
hieplq: about your feedback, [20:51] <CarlosRuiz> could be dangerous if you can change a value when completing
hieplq: you mean it's need fix.
CarlosRuiz: is it possible? to change the value of a field when completing is running?
hieplq: to redo, just complete a document. fisrt has a mask but after, no mask
hieplq: not sure because i not yet test change value, but it's not standard. for long job, need a mask
CarlosRuiz: yep - probably is good to protect the fields in such case
nmicoud: If you have time CarlosRuiz, could you have a look at (change print format name) ?
CarlosRuiz: hieplq, about the disposition of the new fields on process parameter? r u going to work on that?
CarlosRuiz: ok nmicoud
nmicoud: thanks,
nmicoud: gtg , cu
hieplq: yes.
egil0902: tbayen you know i was really testing iuimobile interface and i always have a problem because of the comparison with webui erp interface and all of the functionalities that have it
egil0902: and i was doing some test
CarlosRuiz: hieplq, in experimental running at this moment accounting fact daily - login in english
CarlosRuiz: is showing 1000001 instead of print format name
egil0902: modifying theme and some other things to let web ui be posible in a phone
hieplq: huh. i can't redo in my side.
egil0902: and seems to be posible. What are your coments about this?
hieplq: i has capture my screen
CarlosRuiz: can you try at this moment?
CarlosRuiz: got it
egil0902: and any other who have a coment about this ...
hieplq: @CarlosRuiz, it's still good in my side. maybe i give you a teamview session
CarlosRuiz: the only difference between your screenshot and mine was the org login
CarlosRuiz: try login with Org HQ Warehouse
hieplq: ah. ok will fix it.
CarlosRuiz: ah / but now is fixed
hieplq: :D
hieplq: hi @egil0902 when i go to your link in play, google said it's not support my country
egil0902: hi hieplq
egil0902: i am doing this with a paramater to publis for every body
hieplq: thanks. waiting :D
CarlosRuiz: egil0902, is that an android app? it doesn't run in browser?
egil0902: this link is for a client who have the iuimobile for their customers and is show like a app in play store
CarlosRuiz: hieplq, just tested with language and it worked fine
egil0902: CarlosRuiz i just make an iframe in android app to show by default the client link to the iuimobile
CarlosRuiz: good
CarlosRuiz: hieplq, tested financial report in my little screen and the parameters can't be seen
egil0902: but it is realy nice and looks like an app
CarlosRuiz: the summary flag cannot be changed as it out of the window
CarlosRuiz: things are working fine there hieplq - do you think to integrate to core or wait for the change of field layout?
druiz: eduardo
druiz: @egil0902 I just install a clean version of your fork for the mobile and it doesn't work, some errors in the imports in the MANIFEST file
egil0902: what version of idempiere are you using?
druiz: development
egil0902: my iuimobile version works until 2.1 version of idempiere
druiz: oh ok maybe that's why
egil0902: red1 take what i did and publis the 3.0 version
egil0902: As stated, it is made for latest iDempiere 3.0 only. Older plugins in will work with 2.1. I made this 3.0 upgrade because of the new jetty which breaks any older UI (HTTPContext and JSP servlet) calls. The new one is much simpler and lighter. (Later i will study Eduardo Gil's improvement and incorporate them).
egil0902: that is what red1 publish
druiz: Oh ok, but you've made some commits of good things that I wanted to have :D
egil0902: you know i think this pluging development sould be order in just one repository to have the standard with all of the functionality
hieplq: @tbayen, maybe you can install this editor to our wiki?
hieplq: Hi @CarlosRuiz. it's great to integrate experimental to core. it will help me continue some pending issue.
hieplq: about layout @norbertbede confirm will soon.
Vyrlokar: Hello everyone
norbertbede: sure as i promise layout could be done this week
CarlosRuiz: Hola Vyrlokar
Vyrlokar: Hola Carlos
Vyrlokar: CarlosRuiz, Should I speak in Spanish or in English? I'm a native Spanish speaker, but I usually restrict myself to English online unless I know everyone in the audience speaks Spanish, out of respect
CarlosRuiz: sure - today's idempiere meeting day - so better in english
Vyrlokar: Oh, am I interrupting anything?
CarlosRuiz: no - please go ahead
Vyrlokar: I'm trying to build a test module for iDempiere, I've got the environment setup, downloaded the sources, built them, imported the database, and ran the sync applied script. I made a new table as a test, and exported it to a The 2Pack works if I login as system admin and import it, but I can't get the idempiereActivator to import it. it just activated the plugin when I type "start n" on the iDempiere console on the swing c
Vyrlokar: lient (launched through Eclipse).
Vyrlokar: but it shows no message that it is installing the 2Pack
CarlosRuiz: I think that's intended for the zk client - haven't tested if swing launch activator and install 2pack
Vyrlokar: Ah, thank you Carlos
Vyrlokar: Is the swing client deprecated?
CarlosRuiz: no, is kept working, but not evolving
CarlosRuiz: almost nobody here uses that
CarlosRuiz: so you won't find too much support for swing client - we just try to not break it - to keep it working as some people are used to it
CarlosRuiz: but most of the big improvements that we have done for zk are not implemented on swing / and probably won't - seems there are not enough community interest on that
CarlosRuiz: sorry - "there is not" :)
Vyrlokar: CarlosRuiz, Another thing, when I installed iDempiere, and imported the database seed, I ran the sync applied shell script, and looking at it, found here (re-stuff/raw/tip/script_to_sync_db/ I see that it only runs the scripts from the 2.1 directories, but the database seems way older than that. Should I run the scripts from 1.0a to 2.1? from ADempiere versions?
Vyrlokar: there are no entries in the migration scripts table of the seed database
CarlosRuiz: Vyrlokar, where did you download the installer?
Vyrlokar: CarlosRuiz, I ran hg clone and built it myself
CarlosRuiz: so - the seed must have the 2.1 version
Vyrlokar: as detailed in
CarlosRuiz: you can check the version in table AD_System
Vyrlokar: CarlosRuiz, Ok, I was puzzled by the fact that the migration table starts with no entries
Vyrlokar: I expected it to contain entries for the 1.0a to 2.1 scripts
Vyrlokar: Cya everybody