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xolali: Ok tbayen, i will have to try it again and get back to you if there are any issues
xolali: am curious to know why you did not use it anymore???
tbayen: xolali, I think I still have the installation in apache running. I just have not more the idempiere installation that uses it.
xolali: ok
CarlosRuiz: Good Morning
nmicoud: Bonjour
xolali: Hi Carlos
ocurieles: Good Morning :D
a42niem_: Guten Tag
CarlosRuiz: I'll be checking the peer review queue - I don't see outstanding bugs reported for R2 - sounds like good news :-)
ocurieles: yes.. i checking something tips about the cost
AlexYang: Hi Carlos
CarlosRuiz: Hi AlexYang
tbayen: xolali, I tried it for a prototype installation. The I reinstalled and decided to not use it and trust on 2pack to import/export. But I did not really do it yet.
tbayen: a42niem_, Did you see my german wikipages about "Zahlungsauswahl" and "Zahlungsverkehr"? I wrote most of it without much practical knowledge. It would be nice to have your feedback. :-)
CarlosRuiz: compiere wiki seems dead
tbayen: I have a backup if needed.
tbayen: Hmmm... it seems the https links do not work but http does:
tbayen: CarlosRuiz, did you look into IDEMPIERE-1490?
CarlosRuiz: not yet
ocurielesDCS: in Select Product > Product Costs > Cost Movement the New Accumulated Amt is not updated when i make a producction or internal use inventory
ocurielesDCS: is ok ?
ocurielesDCS: this field is for accumulate cost ? or accumulate value of inventory ?
a42niem_: tbayen: i will have a look
ocurielesDCS: I'm working on an implementation where manage perpetual inventory, they make a accounting inventory entry at the beginning of the accounting period and one at the end, is it possible on idempiere ?
CarlosRuiz: sounds more like periodic inventory - right?
ocurielesDCS: Yes
ocurielesDCS: they don't wanna see the inventory transacction details
ocurielesDCS: just two accounting entry
ocurielesDCS: is it possible ?
CarlosRuiz: one of our customers asked us to do that - precisely they didn't want to deal with all the costs nightmare
CarlosRuiz: what we did was a model validator that dropped the accounting for certain documents
CarlosRuiz: m_matchinv - m_matchpo - m_inout - m_movement - m_inventory
CarlosRuiz: then they dealt with the inventory via gl journals based on periodic physical inventory
ocurielesDCS: is it :D
ocurielesDCS: and the cost ?
ocurielesDCS: have some problems ?
ocurielesDCS: @CarlosRuiz your customer manage costs ?
CarlosRuiz: they didn't deal with costs
CarlosRuiz: they are manufacturers of very specific products - so each product they sell has an associated cost they can assign
ocurielesDCS: thanks @CarlosRuiz
nmicoud: Where could i find minimum requirements for server ? (virtualized with about 10 users)
ocurielesDCS: @CarlosRuiz i can change the session timeout ??
aguerra: hi everybody!!!
CarlosRuiz: Hi Alejandro
CarlosRuiz: tbayen, any news on the housekeeping tests?
ocurielesDCS: HI @aguerra
aguerra: hi @ocurielesDCS
aguerra: hi @CarlosRuiz
tbayen: CarlosRuiz, it seems I have problems with the scheduler for the housekeeping. I have to investigate. Good that you mentioned me.
tbayen: rehi. I lost connection. Did I miss something?
CarlosRuiz: nothing :-)
CarlosRuiz: what problems did you have with scheduler?
tbayen: It did not run. No entry for the date of the last run. But the default process "Delete Old Notes" did run two days before. So either the scheduler does work strange or there was an error in the housekeeping.
tbayen: What is the exact reason to close a document (an invoice) when it is already completed?
nmicoud: once it's closed, you cannot reverse or void it anymore
tbayen: But if I do not close nothing bad happens? Thanks!
CarlosRuiz: tbayen, do the scheduler tasks appear on the idempiereMonitor page?
tbayen: where is this page?
CarlosRuiz: http://yourserver/idempiereMonitor
CarlosRuiz: tbayen, the only documents that have an effect on closing are the orders - closing release the pending reservations
CarlosRuiz: for the rest of documents is like nmicoud said - to avoid further void or reverse
tbayen: I can not look into the server. It redirects to hhtps/port 8443, but this seems not to be configured.
xolali: @Carlos, i didnt know that about orders...
CarlosRuiz: closing requisitions have a similar effect on the related purchase orders
CarlosRuiz: tbayen, you defined an https port on setup - maybe is hidden by your firewall?
aguerra: Carlos, the right way to update a new installation is to install devina, and run the script, that updates until 2.0?
CarlosRuiz: no - that updates r1
aguerra: ups!!!
CarlosRuiz: you need to run and update against
aguerra: so, i need to edit the script and select the script until 1.0c?
CarlosRuiz: if you have an already running 1.0
CarlosRuiz: I think you need to run, then - and then update OSGi against 2.0 jenkins
CarlosRuiz: if you're installing one new - then install the r2 version and then - and then update OSGi against 2.0 jenkins
aguerra: is a new fresh installation
aguerra: the, applies updates 1.0 and 2.0 database?
tbayen: CarlosRuiz, Found my problem: I reinstalled idempiere at some time and copied the file but not the keystore. Now I will check the scheduler.
CarlosRuiz: syncApplied_1 is intended to keep up to date an 1.0 installation
CarlosRuiz: syncApplied_2 is intended to keep up to date a 2.0 installation
tbayen: CarlosRuiz, Hmmm... after restarting the server (with a new keystore) the scheduler ran the housekeeping processes. Now I will investigate what they did. If there is sth interesting I will use the wikipage.
CarlosRuiz: good tbayen
aguerra: Carlos Ruiz, the script "syncApplied_1.0c" is including the database updates 1.0c and 2.0
CarlosRuiz: next time if you add a scheduler and need the server to be notified you can use the "Reload" link on the idempiereMonitor page
CarlosRuiz: guys - gtg - thanks a lot for meeting
tbayen: thanks