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CarlosRuiz: Good Morning
nmicoud_: Bonjour
nmicoud_: Carlos, i'm struggling with ; i can't find where in the code the zoom from empty field is set. Any idea ?
CarlosRuiz: you already did
nmicoud_: ?
CarlosRuiz: ah, you mentioned the onNewRecord, so I thought you already found the point
nmicoud_: no
CarlosRuiz: let me check - I found it last time I checked
nmicoud_: thanks
JanThielemann: hi guys
nmicoud_: hi Jan
CarlosRuiz: Hi JanThielemann
JanThielemann: i am experiencing a really strange error
JanThielemann: maybe you can help:
JanThielemann: i have a newly created plugin consisting of only one model and a model factory. i can run the server with this plugin without errors. as soon as i add "odtreporting-xmlbeans.jar" to the classpath of the plugin, i get this error after the server started
nmicoud_: is there something else in the classpath ?
JanThielemann: no
JanThielemann: i can add other jars without a problem
nmicoud_: and what happens if you add the jar in the org.adempiere.base ?
JanThielemann: in the jar itself, there is a package fr.opensagres.xdocreport.remoting.resources.domain
CarlosRuiz: where that jar can be downloaded?
JanThielemann: and a folder schemaorg_apache_xmlbeans which has several xsb files in it
JanThielemann: we found it somewhere here
JanThielemann: a coworker downloaded it somewhere
JanThielemann: it is used so we can reports with open office templates
JanThielemann: generate*
hengsin: I guess your model or modelfactory have dependency to odtreporting-xmlbeans.jar ?
JanThielemann: @hengsin: actually not
JanThielemann: but another class (which is not in the plugin yet) will use it
JanThielemann: i am doing it step by step to find the error and for me it seems as this jar is the reason
hengsin: when adding the jar to your classpath, try adding . as well
JanThielemann: however, the most annoying thing is, that my coworker implemented our odt report webservice in an copy of the original webservice and on his maschine, this one worked
JanThielemann: i already did this. before and after the jar
JanThielemann: also i tried to only add "." and it gives me the same error
CarlosRuiz: nmicoud_, check the actionZoom method on WTableDirEditor and WSearchEditor
nmicoud_: i already did. I've set breakpoints there but it never stop ; will try it again
hengsin: what you have in the "Runtime Information" section of the Build Configuration page ?
CarlosRuiz: nmicoud_, in those methods there is an if - if the zoom value is empty it doesn't call the usual zoom but a method onNewRecord that opens the default zoom window in new record mode
nmicoud_: trying again
nmicoud_: working this time O_o ; will work on it ; thanks
JanThielemann: hengsin: nothing
JanThielemann: shouldn't there be the source code folder on the right side?
hengsin: yes, . on the left, source folder on the right
hengsin: so that should be where the issue is, your file is corrupted.
JanThielemann: i'll check :)
JanThielemann: hmm "." does not work. my jars are located in an "lib" folder in my plugin but "lib/." does also not work. however, adding the jar and directing it to the src folder seems to work. at least the error is gone
JanThielemann: thank you hengsin
JanThielemann: can you explain how i can populate my own webservice?
xolali: Halooo friends
CarlosRuiz: Hi Anthony
JanThielemann: hi
CarlosRuiz: bitbucket is down
CarlosRuiz: I'm planning to work on opening release2.0 branch today for stabilization
aguerra: hi for everybody!!!!
aguerra: @CarlosRuiz great news
CarlosRuiz: the most prominent features to test and stabilize are
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-1132 Improve AD_Index; AD_View; foreign keys management
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-1149 Implements SetFocus on field
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-1064 Control dashboard access by role
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-1362 Implement support to register/unregister available dashboard content
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-1285 Estimated Landed Cost for PO
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-583 Delete Selection Panel improvement
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-1157 Adding functionality to add charts on the standard windows
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-1265 Add Adaxa Sales Management (CRM)
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-1328 Change tab name dynamically
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-159 Allow creation of combinations with Org *
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-1439 Adding email option for Jasper reports
CarlosRuiz: IDEMPIERE-386 Redesign ASI usage for FIFO
CarlosRuiz: so, as usual - all feedback and tests are extremely welcome !! :-)
nmicoud_: the ticket i mentionned on last meeting could be included ? for instance, those which are related to info windows are really helpful (imho)
mhernandezve: Hi CarlosRuiz
mhernandezve: good news!
nmicoud_: btw, i've tested 1132 on oracle and everything was perfect !
nmicoud_: it's a really cool feature !
CarlosRuiz: great! thanks for the feedback
mhernandezve: Are you planning migrate zk and jaspereports library versions on 2.0 versión?
CarlosRuiz: I guess we need to work to fill the index/view/fk dictionary based on which is actually on database
nmicoud_: yes, some are missing ;)
CarlosRuiz: :D some :D
CarlosRuiz: no Miguel - not planned yet to move to zk7
CarlosRuiz: about jasper if there is something important to push us to move ahead it can be considered
nmicoud_: IDEMPIERE-1328 Change tab name dynamically is alsi implemented for weeks, and now one complain ; perhaps just one thing. If in the recent items, you have an invoice with a temporary sequence. when you validate it, the label is not updated. So, you
nmicoud_: click on 'invoice n°temp10' and arrive on 'invoice definitive 54'
nmicoud_: for that's trivial
CarlosRuiz: must be general - right - if you change the name of a product must be similar
nmicoud_: hum... correct :D
CarlosRuiz: maybe we can call the recent items refresh on saving
nmicoud_: yep, that should solve the problem
CarlosRuiz: nmicoud_, about the list you proposed I see just 1453 made it to r2
nmicoud_: and others ?
CarlosRuiz: the other improvements will be pushed to development branch later (meaning to a future release)
CarlosRuiz: I like a lot the 1150 - and most of the info windows changes
nmicoud_: ok
CarlosRuiz: but don't want to push changes at this moment as in some way we have been testing and stabilizing these new features for some months
nmicoud_: i understand
CarlosRuiz: we have received very good feedback about the CRM
CarlosRuiz: BTW - yesterday I found a problem with IDEMPIERE-159 (org* in combination) - I was not able to save on AcctDialog org* in an actual test instance (different from demo)
CarlosRuiz: so - would need to review that case
nmicoud_: look at the comment in the ticket
nmicoud_: there is the solution i think
CarlosRuiz: thanks for the tip - I'll try that
nmicoud_: maybe the sql (if it resolves the issue) could be executed in migration script ?
CarlosRuiz: yep
nmicoud_: About ; what should be the best way to determine window when from record is empty. Add a checkbox on the condition, or using the context with a special notation ? or another option ?
mhernandezve: Bitbucket is up now
CarlosRuiz: nmicoud_, the usual way was to implement it as a context and @SQL= as a notation to use SQL instead of context
CarlosRuiz: but in this case the field is named WhereClause - so it's direct to a SQL
nmicoud_: but the fact is the evaluation of the condition is based on the record ID (and it has to be > 0). So new record can't be evaluated to true
nmicoud_: that's why i think a special notation or new checkbox is needed to select the correct window withou having to check records from the table
CarlosRuiz: or maybe a new field ZoomLogic
nmicoud_: and you would fill WhereClause or ZoomLogic ?
hengsin: nmicoud, how would you determine which windows to goes to ? any example ?
nmicoud_: i've started to modify WTableDirEditor.onNewRecord to be able to retrieve the destination table. Then i add a new method in MZoomCondition which will retrieve the window for empty fields, based on the tableID
nmicoud_: and either a new chekbox or new ZoomLogic field on AD_ZoomCondition
CarlosRuiz: nmicoud_, my thinking is - if ZoomLogic is filled and WhereClause is empty it applies the zoomlogic for new records too
CarlosRuiz: hengsin, about MStorageOnHand.get I'm implementing back a getter without dateMPolicy for backward compatibility
CarlosRuiz: but reviewing the case of receiving dateMPolicy = null - I see the program set the dateMPolicy to today and compare it
nmicoud_: for instance, if i put ZoomLogic = @#AD_Client_ID@ = 10000002 , all records will be opened in the new window, right ?
CarlosRuiz: it would be better to not filter by dateMPolicy in case we don't receive the parameter?
CarlosRuiz: hmm no, I'm reading it wrong
CarlosRuiz: well - at least in CalloutMovement it doesn't make sense to check that date
ocurieles: hi
CarlosRuiz: Hi Orlando
aguerra: hi orlando
aguerra: How's it going acarigua?
CarlosRuiz: ok guys, thanks for the movement - I'm leaving for a while (lunch time here)