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CarlosRuiz: Good Morning
nmicoud: Bonjour
hengsin: good morning
red1: CarlosRuiz: i like to ask.. will Google Account Sign On be great for Android and ZK UI?
nmicoud: I've made a list of patchs i've submitted on jira that seems (to me) useful and/or harmless. If you have planned to review queue list, could you have a look please ? 416 (gps coordinates) ; 1148 (identify kind of accounts) ; 918 (choose reversal doc for invoice) ; 1453 (remove a warning when taxid = 0 and line is description) ; 1150 (status line window to replace gridTab.getTrxInfo ; 1085/1388/1378/1338 (enhancement for info w
red1: nmicoud: i fixed bit on your MobileEnable
red1: it needs a ModelFactor to deploy
red1: done that
red1: now been hacking the language part whole day
red1: it follows the old WStore of Compiere
red1: so i guess Compiere old UI did not work for Language
CarlosRuiz: red1 - google sign on sounds very good
red1: i propose Sysnova yesterday that and WMS
red1: but Zeeshan only say WMS sounds good
red1: so i am going to do WMS first
red1: as time goes on it seems easier to work with iDempiere
red1: getting familiar
red1: and i mastered the FitNesse part including SLiM
CarlosRuiz: good - so Sysnova interested in sponsoring WMS? is possible I travel to Ecuador to do sponsored design of WMS
CarlosRuiz: maybe we can meet there again :-)
CarlosRuiz: nmicoud, I took note of your list
nmicoud: thanks Carlos
red1: Venezuela's Miguel wanted to buy me ticket but their currency crashed
red1: so you be working with Ecuador?
red1: i like to incorporate your WMS design
red1: unless Ecuador can give me a ticket
CarlosRuiz: but is not still sure - is just a proposal to go there to do the design part
aguerra: hi everybody!!!
nmicoud: hi !
aguerra: Have a great day today!
red1: Ah finally nmicoud i solved the Language issue for iUI
CarlosRuiz: Hi aguerra
red1: its the damn Env.ctx
nmicoud: ah great !
aguerra: It is possible to export and import the menus and roles created in a new installation?
CarlosRuiz: maybe with 2pack
red1: Luckily there is es_CO translation sample in iDempiere to test
aguerra: It is possible to export the menus and roles created in a test environment and import them into a new installation?
red1: yes aguerra
red1: CarlosRuiz: already answered :)
aguerra: ok Carlos Ruiz, thank!!! i'll try
CarlosRuiz: nmicoud, I'm reviewing IDEMPIERE-1462
CarlosRuiz: wondering if summarizing the above levels must be forced
nmicoud: not sure ; in reports, you can select columns for sorting and grouping only some
CarlosRuiz: ah, seems like I found a patch that works fine without forcing summarize the above levels
red1: nmicoud: i pushed iUi to my bitbucket
red1: i will export a plugin jar into my SF next
nmicoud: greate !
Edwin_Ang: hi everyone
nmicoud: will update my local sources then
nmicoud: hi Edwin
CarlosRuiz: Hi Edwin_Ang
mhernandezve: Hello everyone!
Edwin_Ang: hi CarlosRuiz
red1: here it is nmicoud
red1: nmicoud: i forgot one thing though... in my excitement that i did not follow through to the window labels
red1: but the menu labels are solved
red1: will do that tomorrow
red1: concept is proven
nmicoud: why do you mean "i did not follow through to the window labels" ?
CarlosRuiz: Hi Miguel
red1: nmicoud: i just hacked the WMenu class
red1: there are other classes - WWindow.. etc
red1: now all menu shows translated
red1: its matter of repeating
red1: but i need to celebrate
red1: cos i worked whole day since morning
red1: nearly gave up an hour ago to sleep :D
nmicoud: have fun then ;)
red1: nmicoud:
red1: screenshots
nmicoud: nice red1 :)
red1: your role setting works in it too
red1: auto 2Pack
nmicoud: (y)
red1: with enabled = Y for GardenWorld
ocurieles_dcs: Join
ocurieles_dcs: Hi
CarlosRuiz: Hi Orlando
aguerra: hi brother!!!
ocurieles_dcs: Hi Carlos
mhernandezve: Hi Orlando!
ocurieles_dcs: Hi Venezuelan team :)
ocurieles_dcs: Sorry for come late
aguerra: ocurieles_dcs: You have to pay the beers!
ocurieles_dcs: @CarlosRuiz the CRM module is Ok :)
ocurieles_dcs: Maybe is time to integrate to devina
mhernandezve: aguerra: scotch is better! :D
ocurieles_dcs: This week Saul will finish the plugin page for the wiki
ocurieles_dcs: when they think devina freeze for version 2?
aguerra: ocurieles_dcs, @CarlosRuiz: Crm module is super, I have using sugarcrm and vtigers long time and I'm migrating
ocurieles_dcs: Yes is very powerful
nmicoud: gtg ; bye bye
red1: nmicoud: i just put in credits for u in my forum
CarlosRuiz: ocurieles_dcs, I think not integrating to deving - but maybe to start a stabilization effort for next release
ocurieles_dcs: Ok we need make the new release :)
CarlosRuiz: yes sir - maybe 1.1? or 2.0?
hengsin: 1.1 sounds more appropriate. perhaps 2.0 when we upgrade the underlying platform ( for e.g, zk7, new version of geminiweb, etc )
CarlosRuiz: agree
hengsin: so we have the 1.* series that's based on zk6 and equinox 3.7
hengsin: and later have 2.* series that's on top of zk7 and equinox 4.x
CarlosRuiz: ocurieles, aguerra , about CRM module - say thanks to Adaxa in Australia
aguerra: Adaxa , @CarlosRuiz: Not only thk !!! has been a great effort to incorporate the module.
Edwin_Ang: guys.. do you think we should make price list as not mandatory on requisition?
CarlosRuiz: price is needed for approval workflow
mhernandezve: hengsin: i agree
Edwin_Ang: but then it is not common
CarlosRuiz: also Edwin, about your suggestion on IDEMPIERE-362 - I think JJ thought those position tables as a CRM thing - collecting "positions" of the contacts - for marketing purposes you can filter to reach for example executives
ocurieles_dcs: Hi TO ADAXA of course :)
Edwin_Ang: i always get questioned from users about having to select price list in requisition
Edwin_Ang: i am not really familiar with CRM actually.. probably the dcs team can share their thoughts on this? if it is CRM related then it should be ok over there
Edwin_Ang: but then we should separate internal position with external position then.. probably using a flag
CarlosRuiz: that position table is not used by payroll AFAIR
Edwin_Ang: ah.. just realized that the table is C_Job
Edwin_Ang: and C_JobCategory
Edwin_Ang: which is kinda confusing.. because job is different from position in terms of HR..
Edwin_Ang: gtg now
Edwin_Ang: bye everyone :)
ocurieles_dcs: Sorry I have some problems with my connection
CarlosRuiz: FYI
CarlosRuiz: updated running development branch on postgres9.2 and java7
CarlosRuiz: updated running release1.0c branch + LCO on postgres9.3 and java7
CarlosRuiz: c u later