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norbertbede: i wondering jasperreport allready implemented to the idempiere
norbertbede: at the end i reported group post!topic/idempiere/x_cVoInY_ec
CarlosRuiz: Good morning
norbertbede: i sppose that should be bug
norbertbede: hi Carlos
nmicoud: Bonjour
norbertbede: Good afternoon here...
norbertbede: could you give us your opinion that ?
tbayen: Hi
red1: Halo tbayen at the castle?
CarlosRuiz: nice to see you back tbayen
CarlosRuiz: norbertbede, opinion on?
tbayen: red1, I will go there after the meeting. Did not want to miss you all again. :-)
norbertbede: i wondering jasperreport allready implemented to the idempiere
norbertbede: at the end i reported group post!topic/idempiere/x_cVoInY_ec
tbayen: CarlosRuiz, :-) Much hurry here. I schedules some idempiere time in the next weeks.
CarlosRuiz: norbertbede, I was able to run a multilingual jasper - let me check if I find the sample I used ...
CarlosRuiz: the difference I see is that my properties just have _es suffix
norbertbede: so not en_US
tbayen: I looked into the jasper class last year. It is not very consistent. The only documentation I found is the source. ;-) There was some work for multilingual but I am not sure if it does work with every kind of datasource. Some features work only with attachments or only with files or such.
CarlosRuiz: I mean - can you try with and ?
norbertbede: ok. i upload that files too like / short version. but i think then also it is possible to make conversion from en_US _en in jasper file
norbertbede: because the message is follow: Can't find bundle for base name invoiceform_mm, locale en_US
norbertbede: maybe i remove long version
norbertbede: going to check now
tbayen: norbertbede, where are your jasper files? Do you use "file:" urls?
tbayen: (or without prefix)
norbertbede: carlos suggestion use just _co doesnt help
norbertbede: tested it now
ocurieles: Hi, Again :D
norbertbede: i'm using http://localhost:8080...
a42niem_: hi all
CarlosRuiz: Hi Orlando and Dirk
ocurieles: Hi CarlosR
norbertbede: Carlos: it is correct to use CURRENT_LANG paramter ?
ocurieles: Asterik integration exists with AdaxaCRM?
CarlosRuiz: norbertbede, tested again my sample and is working I'll attach it in forums in a moment ...
norbertbede: thnks
CarlosRuiz: ocurieles, about asterisk I remember Jan shown something on Krefeld for new phone fields - we would need to ask him
alejandro: Good morning to all, any experience with the replication system and what is the model?
CarlosRuiz: alejandro, I haven't seen more guides apart from
CarlosRuiz: norbertbede, you can check on
CarlosRuiz: menu -> Jasper OSGi Test
CarlosRuiz: changing the titles in english and spanish
norbertbede: which module/proces ?
alejandro: Thanks Carlos, I'll do the tests and then tell them
CarlosRuiz: norbertbede, uploaded the packin on your forum thread
tbayen: norbertbede, I browsed the source and for me it looks like there is no code path for bundles together with "http://" urls. Can you try the same setup with local files or "attachment:"? CarlosRuiz? Which kind of DataSource uses your example?
hengsin: norbert, looking at the source, I think resource bundle lookup have been implemented for attachment: and resource: only
tbayen: Ha! faster than hengsin... ;-)
norbertbede: so i need to use as file:/
CarlosRuiz: is not file the fallback on line 593?
tbayen: norbertbede, It may be not hard to extend it. I have no time to do and test it but it may be just one or two lines.
norbertbede: i can test it but cant code..
ocurieles: it is the New idempiere Feature :D
red1: hengsin: i made a JIRA tracker on a typo in fitnesse.server web.xml
CarlosRuiz: let me test with file:// ..... testing mode
red1: and another about fitnsse plugin to export its package because i am testing the SLIM to work on it
red1: Good news is that SLIM works fine
tbayen: AFAIK a "new File(...)" does not work with stringified http:// urls.
norbertbede: exact path will e file://JasperReportFiles/file.jrxml
norbertbede: or just file://file.jrxml
tbayen: norbertbede, this should work. Did you try that?
norbertbede: going to test meanwhile
CarlosRuiz: testing here - file:// is failing to find the resource - because is looking the properties file without a folder
CarlosRuiz: I guess it must search the properties file in the same folder as the parent report
norbertbede: i have it in same level
CarlosRuiz: found a patch for the file issue - now I need to test it with http
tbayen: I see - the sourcecode seems to look for it in the current directory. Seems not a good idea for a server installation.
CarlosRuiz: patch is simple - I changed line 594 by
CarlosRuiz: resFile = new File(reportDir, jasperName+"_"+currLang.getLocale().getLanguage()+".properties");
CarlosRuiz: but don't know if it works for http
tbayen: I dont think so.
tbayen: You can not create a File object from an URL. You can create an InputStream. And later in the code the File is used to create an InputStream. This should be possible, but I can not test it because I have no jasper files around.
tbayen: See
CarlosRuiz: so, resources are not implemented for http on line 593
CarlosRuiz: BTW I think correct line 594 must be
CarlosRuiz: resFile = new File(resourcePath, jasperName+"_"+currLang.getLocale().getLanguage()+".properties");
tbayen: Yes - I think so. Or is there a reason to let the user collect all resource files in the root server directory? I don't think so.
tbayen: I remember CarlosRuiz words. He told me he is using only attachment: for Reports. That's the reason why this is the only working codepath. Haha!
CarlosRuiz: linux rocks :-) simple http server for current folder
CarlosRuiz: python -m SimpleHTTPServer
norbertbede: ok. so what next ?
norbertbede: can i test the patch ?
CarlosRuiz: are you needing file://? it works with attachment fine
norbertbede: i used before attacheement
norbertbede: just red somewhere doesnt works in 1.0c
CarlosRuiz: the sample I uploaded is for attachment - and tested with 1.0c
norbertbede: ok. but cant find bundles
tbayen: As a workaround you can drop your properties in the server main directory (current directory of the server process). And you file a bug and I hope someone will find the time to repair that soon.
norbertbede: is it not just simple report
norbertbede: see that
red1: tbayen: u have good memory
red1: did u tape the lessons in Krefeld?
tbayen: red1, No, I am sorry. Just in my head. I wanted to be sure that there is still a reason to meet again. ;-)
alejandro: Carlos, some experience idempiere installed at some cloud provider, estimated cost
CarlosRuiz: you can try amazon for free
ocurieles: CarlosRuiz you told me about a good server to mount idempiere, what was?
ocurieles: #CarlosRuiz
tbayen: I have an installation with a provider that uses virtualized systems. It works well. It has a bit more latency than a local lan installation but a normal user will not recognize the difference.
ocurieles: Thanks @tbayen and where is your provider ?
tbayen: Munich. I thought it should not be too far away for latency reasons. If you use it over a satellite I am sure you will feel the difference.
CarlosRuiz: ocurieles, tbayen is sponsoring the jenkins server there
ocurieles: Good :d
nmicoud: CarlosRuiz, if you planned to review tickets today, could you have a look at the 159( which allow creation of combination with org *) please ?
tbayen: My idempiere is a small system that is seldom used from more than one user. It feels like it could do much more but I didn't try yet. It it the smalles possible virtual server you could get there. It costs about 15,- €/Month. The virtual system has no fixed contract time. If you need more power they can scale your system up to a dedicated octocore-System (if you like to pay for it).
CarlosRuiz: nmicoud, sounds like a simple solution - will check it
nmicoud: yes, i was surprised :d
nmicoud: too simple
ocurieles: lear
ocurieles: thanks @tbayen for the info
tbayen: gtg, thanks!
CarlosRuiz: bye tbayen
ocurieles: hey the Daily Installers is not working
ocurieles: from
ocurieles: Status Code: 404
ocurieles: Exception:
ocurieles: Stacktrace:
CarlosRuiz: ah yes - there is a bug to fix in a migration script
CarlosRuiz: I'll check it after reviewing 1215
nmicoud: and if you get enough time, could you also check 1150 (Status Line window) which was well tested some weeks ago (and is very useful)
nmicoud: gtg ; bye by
nmicoud: e
CarlosRuiz: thanks nmicoud
norbertbede: Topic: CRM features
norbertbede: i'm evaluate adaxa crm package
norbertbede: i worked lot with sugarcrm and
norbertbede: so looks this set of features good base
norbertbede: anyway i have some recomendation question
norbertbede: 1. Is there any reason to hold prospect checkbox on business partner ?
norbertbede: because prospect depends on the stage should be lead or opportunity
norbertbede: yours opinion ?
CarlosRuiz: maybe not - I also saw yesterday that flag prospect is Y by default
norbertbede: i will setup crm in real environment in next few days, maybe i come with a concept soon
norbertbede: 2. missing diagram type: funnel
norbertbede: its is the most relevant visualisation of opportunities
norbertbede: i drill into library but cant find this type
CarlosRuiz: saw this some time ago, but I think is still not contributed?
norbertbede: is there a ticket for that ? i should create one and redirect Peter there
norbertbede: its righr approach _
norbertbede: ?
CarlosRuiz: I haven't seen a ticket for that one
CarlosRuiz: yes- you can create it please
norbertbede: sure
norbertbede: 3. cant find integration adaxa activities to the calendar - is it in plan?
CarlosRuiz: norbertbede, no plan still to improve that - good idea