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CarlosRuiz: Good Morning
PedroRozo: Good Morning/afternoon everyone, greetings from Bogotá .....
hengsin: Good Morning
nmicoud: Bonjour
CarlosRuiz: I'll be reviewing the peer review queue today - and then will try to prepare a definite release 1.0d
nmicoud: in swing mode the title of the window show content of name or documentNo field. can it be done easily in zk ? any hint to start ?
nmicoud: argh! trillian crashed!
CarlosRuiz: don't know how to do that Nicolas, I guess we need a method to change the tab title when navigating records - and check the result in case it becomes too clogged
hengsin: should be possible. AFAIK, most if not all navigatation will fire datastatuschanged event
hengsin: I guess changing of tab title can be done there.
nmicoud: So, something like this : in ADTabpanel.dataStatusChanged, look for Name/DocumentNo field. If found, create a new title (with eg 30 caracters max). and send it ?
hengsin: AbstractADWindowContent.dataStatusChanged
hengsin: only need to do that if the events comes from the header tab
nmicoud: right
hengsin: should update title + tooltips
nmicoud: what do you call tooltips ?
hengsin: related to that, the browser title should show login info. now it is just the static text of iDempiere
nmicoud: or what is set in preference
nmicoud: and the login info are shown at the top right of the screen
hengsin: the "iDempiere" text is configurable by theme. what I means is it stay as just "iDempiere" after you have login
hengsin: yes, but if you have multple tab open, it will be useful to have it as part of the title
nmicoud: i think it's better no ? you want something like 'iDempiere - GardenWorld - GardenAdmin' ?
hengsin: right now, the wiki tab and idempiere tab looks the same at chrome :)
nmicoud: perhaps change 'iDempiere' to 'iDempiere demo site' ?
CarlosRuiz: in swing it shows too much info "SuperUser@GardenWorld.HQ [server-dbname-dbuser]"
hengsin: yeah, I guess something like "iDempiere - SuperUser@GardenWorld.HQ/GardenWorld Admin"
CarlosRuiz: it will be useful also to show a system name (maybe ad_system.description?)
CarlosRuiz: or a sysconfig key, usefult to differentiate between dev and prod systems
KermitTheFragger: hi all
hengsin: My vote would be on AD_System.Name
KermitTheFragger: question; does idempiere / admpiere both still use the m_storage table for stock keeping? or was that radically altered?
hengsin: hmm .. we have AD_System.Status too
KermitTheFragger: it seems to be a view now joining some tables which do the same as m_storage used to do
hengsin: Carlos, AD_System.Status seems a direct fit for your dev and prod requirement above.
hengsin: idempiere break m_storage to 2, 1 for qtyonhand and 1 for reserve
KermitTheFragger: hengsin: ah ok thx, any functionality incorperated to regenerate those two tables?
nmicoud: hengsin, where is the tab (like Business Partner) title handled ?
CarlosRuiz: ah - maybe is not needed - we can set that on sysconfig ZK_BROWSER_TITLE
CarlosRuiz: KermitTheFragger, the migration script takes care of filling those two tables based on previous M_Storage
KermitTheFragger: CarlosRuiz: thx, but migration is not my issue, I have a (i admit rather weak) reason to believe there might be a discrepancy in one of the tables and thought it would be nice to confirm or deny it by regenerating the table
nmicoud: I can generate a dynamic title using AEnv.getDialogHeader(Env.getCtx(), curWindowNo); any idea where to send it ? i find nothing :(
hengsin: there doesn't seems to be a method to change the tab title, need to modify TabbedDesktop to support that
nmicoud: ah ; can it be done ?
CarlosRuiz: KermitTheFragger, there is no process actually to regenerate storage qtys
KermitTheFragger: CarlosRuiz: ah ok, thx anyway
hengsin: nmicoud, yes but you need to make changes to TabbedDesktop
nmicoud: thanks hengsin, checking
nmicoud: i'm lost ; i don't see how i can call TabbedDesktop from AbstractADWindowContent
CarlosRuiz: maybe WindowContainer.setTabTitle(tabno, title, tooltip) does the trick?
nmicoud: in fact, i add a method in TabbedDesktop which calls it
nmicoud: but then, how can i reach WindowCaontainer from AbstractADWindowContent ?
hengsin: SessionManager.getAppDesktop()
nmicoud: thanks, i gtg; i will create a jira and put infos there. thanks & bye bye
egil_ghintech: Good Morning.
egil_ghintech: Can i install two instances of idempiere server on same machine?
egil_ghintech: it is the process like adempiere changing the por of jboss?
egil_ghintech: *port
nmicoud: hengsin or CarlosRuiz, i've just attached a patch for changing tab name dynamically. I think it is too complex for me :-/ . Actually, it works until you close a tab. After that, you aren't able to open others. If you have some time, could you have a look ?
CarlosRuiz: ok nmicoud - thanks
nmicoud: thanks Carlos