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CarlosRuiz: Hi
a42niem: :)
CarlosRuiz: struggling to connect from my phone - until finally arrived to my laptop
a42niem: wrtiting takes endlessly from the phone, for me at least
CarlosRuiz: yes - and too many errors :-)
CarlosRuiz: did you see my last minute changes on mfg light?
a42niem: yes, thanks
a42niem: did you play already withit or is it just "technical"?
CarlosRuiz: not too much - just checked the product window - the production window - and bom tree viewer (received a NPE yesterday)
a42niem: oh, worked here in java (more interesting functionality) and in web as well
a42niem: the tree viewer
CarlosRuiz: yep - it worked - even with the NPE showed correctly the tree
CarlosRuiz: but I made some changes for zk6 - so maybe is related
a42niem: ah, ok
CarlosRuiz: that was a lot of work Dirk - thanks for that
a42niem: well, it's ok. and you do all the corrections to make it distributable. thanks to you
CarlosRuiz: not all - I think there is still some pending work there - testing will tell us
a42niem: i mean more generally. without you... you know!
CarlosRuiz: yep - in our plans is also to add a middle layer to support several formulas
a42niem: for the same end product?
CarlosRuiz: yep - just one must be the master to produce - but support having other formulas
a42niem: by-products and/or intermediate products?
CarlosRuiz: no - just multiple BOMs until now
a42niem: ok
CarlosRuiz: but of course with proper management this module can evolve in very good ways - there are people wanting to contribute TOC (Theory of Constraints) features
a42niem: i just prepared a proposal to use it for cooking
a42niem: bom = recipe
a42niem: and then find the best matching product variant related to price and packaging combination
CarlosRuiz: good
a42niem: lets see if they want it
a42niem: we have to compete against a certain product specific to that area