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CarlosRuiz: morning
a42niem: morning Carlos, not so much sleep today hm...
mzuniga_ergio: good morning
CarlosRuiz: :-) not much
nmicoud: Bonjour
a42niem: hi Nicolas, sorry i did not find time up to now to work on the included role stuff
nmicoud: Carlos, we try to complete ticket 332 today ?
nmicoud: not a problem Dirk, it can be done later
a42niem: good
CarlosRuiz: guys, have you seen all the movement that iDempiere code have had?
CarlosRuiz: I'll be glad to explain any new feature - and will be happy with your feedback and tests
CarlosRuiz: I have tried to install periodically on to show how everything works
nmicoud: seems down :(
CarlosRuiz: ah - I'm upgrading it just now :-)
CarlosRuiz: some changes yesternight
Pavol: Hi, did you check this forum topic?
CarlosRuiz: not yet - I checked and Heng Sin has been too busy
nmicoud: I've seen that 'Move the menu to be a portlet' is related to ticket 1001002 ; i guess that there are others tickets ; what are they related to ? Vancouver convention ?
CarlosRuiz: yes - all this work was planned on Vancouver - and there are lots coming - we think at least for next 4 months we'll be moving a lot of stuff that we always wanted to fix or improve
nmicoud: Is it possible to have access to this list ?
CarlosRuiz: well - we're opening the tickets on JIRA for each work - but I think it's better if we open all the planned
CarlosRuiz: I'll work on that
nmicoud: great, maybe some stuff have already been fixed by someone or where planned to be
CarlosRuiz: the recent changes are mostly related to login way and dashboard
CarlosRuiz: in login window we added "Select Role" flag - if disabled then the user will login directly without asking for role/org/wh - just use the previous
CarlosRuiz: and we're making some additional changes to improve login on multi-tenant installations - using the email instead of name to login
nmicoud: i love it this one !
nmicoud: Actually, we must use same login and password to do this
nmicoud: So it means that you have te create user on System ?
CarlosRuiz: yes - the issue is that a name cannot identify uniquely a person - but an email can
CarlosRuiz: that yes was for the previous line :-)
nmicoud: But creating a System user can't produce issue ?
CarlosRuiz: you can create the users the usual way - just that email will be used to identify instead of name - this will be configurable and backward compatible because there are many installations not using email actually
CarlosRuiz: the other big changes has been improving password management
CarlosRuiz: we brought and improved password one-way hashing from Adaxa AUS
CarlosRuiz: now you can have hashed with salt SHA-512 passwords - very safe - cannot be decoded - and even you can encrypt that :-)
CarlosRuiz: and we just finished implementing password policies management
CarlosRuiz: using vt-password library - you can choose policies about not-allowing sequences - about number of characters required per type - check against a dictionary - check for username and white spaces
CarlosRuiz: and the third big changes has been on dashboard (still changes in progress)
nmicoud: Sound great ! actually, when password are not linked with AD, it is often 'compiere'/'adempiere' or things really easy ; a nice enhancement
nmicoud: See that it is possible to show a report on dashboard
CarlosRuiz: yep - report embedded on dashboard - and you can pass parameters - even context variables
a42niem: oh wow
CarlosRuiz: and you can use HTML portlets too - for example to make announcements
nmicoud: or maintenance ?
nmicoud: we talked about that some weeks ago
CarlosRuiz: yep, and a calendar port was added by trekglobal - it shows the requests in a calendar way
CarlosRuiz: we also made the left portion of the screen another collapsible portlet container - so instead of having the menu there - we plan to have the recent items and favourites
CarlosRuiz: actually the menu is a portlet - but we plan to change that to be a popup window better
CarlosRuiz: the lookup was moved to header - so you can still look on the menu even if the left panel is collapsed
nmicoud: also seen that the lookup has been moved ; why that ?
nmicoud: :) great, i see the interest!
nmicoud: is back !
CarlosRuiz: :-) yes - I was writing about :-)
nmicoud: reading in your mind :-)
CarlosRuiz: ah - do you see that little icon beside the favourites and windows on menu?
CarlosRuiz: that's a shortcut to open the window in "New Record" mode
nmicoud: great improvement!
CarlosRuiz: you can also create new dashboards directly with performance indicators
CarlosRuiz: and you can configure dashboards specific for a role or for a user
nmicoud: on the calendar, next to the refresh, there is a little calendar button, his tooltip is 'Google Calendar' whereas it maximises
CarlosRuiz: :-) probably the tooltip is wrong - I'll check that
nmicoud: Yep, related to the description of Calendar DAshboard
nmicoud: dashboards can't be moved ?
CarlosRuiz: nope - that was a consequence of migrating to zk6
a42niem: i like the menu configuration options
CarlosRuiz: but you can configure the positioning in the dashboard window
red1: but we can still use the same old 'adempiere' password for training purposes? :D
CarlosRuiz: sure - backward compatible
nmicoud: click on 'Expand Tree' button, screen seems blocked on 'processing' (Script :;jsessionid=B2D67B236FB520904D017496ECF24ECB:9)
a42niem: same problem here
red1: thanks for such great improvements.. is Vancouver in the citizenship list?
red1: :D
nmicoud: F5 to refresh seems to resolve problem
CarlosRuiz: expand worked here - I guess the load for the server was too high :-D is a little server
a42niem: reloading the whole page repairs it
CarlosRuiz: you're in sync
a42niem: :)
red1: I plan to implement this for OB POS at a friend's shop
CarlosRuiz: I organized the portlets more like we want this to be seen - menu collapsed/favourites/recent on the left
red1: i was asked about security from the user.. so i can now boast about this new change
red1: and i will show it in Japan next month
CarlosRuiz: yes - I think those hashed passwords are very safe now
CarlosRuiz: and combined with password policies you can control that users don't choose "mary" as password :-)
red1: but superuser can still refresh if the user forgets?
red1: or it be good to have the famous 'send password' to email
CarlosRuiz: yes - via "Reset Password" it can be set by a different user - and SuperUser is not asked for the previous pwd
red1: hm ces't parfait
red1: this really makes users at ease
CarlosRuiz: the "forgot my password" feature is on the planned features
CarlosRuiz: the other two big usability improvements are from Nicolas and Hesham:
CarlosRuiz: simplified GL Journal and more usable Info Product window
red1: Hesham or hahmed?
CarlosRuiz: :-) I just created an announcement portlet on demo :-)
CarlosRuiz: Hesham = hahmed - right
nmicoud: iDempiere rocks!! :D
a42niem: is the content probably dynamic?
CarlosRuiz: yes - I guess you can link to an html content
CarlosRuiz: externally
CarlosRuiz: haven't tested but seems possible
a42niem: veeeery nice
red1: iDempiere rocks!!
red1: ADempiere sucks!!
red1: * just testing *
nmicoud: ^^
CarlosRuiz: just added another portlet with a performance indicator
CarlosRuiz: and an embedded report
CarlosRuiz: JEJEJE - forever!!!
red1: The business partner detail is nice.. but is it permanent?
a42niem: ;)
nmicoud: JEJEJE = ???
CarlosRuiz: hehehe (spanish)
nmicoud: ah ok
CarlosRuiz: ah - got it - "je" is different meaning in french
nmicoud: Yep, Je = I in english
CarlosRuiz: je ne quitte pas
red1: oui oui
nmicoud: 'Ne me quitte pas' is the song from Jacques Brel
red1: is there a config for dashboard?
CarlosRuiz: yes - window "Dashboard Content Edit"
nmicoud: yep !
a42niem: in the calendar i see "rewr" as an entry for tomorrow, when i click on it i get a pop up with details but there is no "rewr". is it the title?
red1: so the calendar is integrated to Request? That is new isnt it?
CarlosRuiz: hmm - maybe I changed it
red1: it wasn't there in adempiere
CarlosRuiz: idempiere 0.1 release
CarlosRuiz: requests
red1: we can call this "Vancouver Release"
a42niem: look at history of request 10000000, there you have "rewr" in the summary
a42niem: but the popup does not show any summary content
CarlosRuiz: is not refreshing?
a42niem: when i change the content of the summary in the popup, i get iDempiere 0.1 as new title and additionaly i see "+2 more"
a42niem: maybe it alway creates a new one when you enter sth in the popup
a42niem: looks like i need some classes to handle it correctly
CarlosRuiz: seems like something strange is there - it's showing the same task twice here
red1: i see +3 more 1 more
red1: idempiere 0.1 release is 3 times
red1: twice on thursday and once on friday..
red1: not bad
a42niem: :)
CarlosRuiz: NPE refreshing calendar
CarlosRuiz: :-) seems like we break it :-) good test case with several users
a42niem: refresh works here without NPE
nmicoud: no problem for me too
CarlosRuiz: re-login fixed the NPE
a42niem: i can already here the first question in a presentation: "can i drag and drop the entries?"
CarlosRuiz: sounds like an interesting feature to implement
CarlosRuiz: what do you think if I work on the release 0.1 as is now - and after that I integrate IDEMPIERE-332 and IDEMPIERE-242 ??
nmicoud: yep, this release has to done ; it can be done now
a42niem: yes, go on
CarlosRuiz: ok - we're planning to have frequent releases
CarlosRuiz: maybe monthly
CarlosRuiz: all the zero series will be alpha and then beta status
CarlosRuiz: 0.1 0.2 0.3 .... and so on
CarlosRuiz: when we finish the planned tasks - we freeze - conduct a testing/fixing effort to release 1.0
red1: (Y)
CarlosRuiz: will create today the tickets for our planned work for the zero series
CarlosRuiz: so, your feedback will be appreciated
red1: can u call it 0.2?
red1: i already used up the 0.1 in my installer
CarlosRuiz: :-)
nmicoud: and what about older jira tickets which aren't still resolved or closed ?
red1: so it wont confuse.. a 0.2 seems nice
CarlosRuiz: nmicoud, we'll be integrating as usual
red1: Pavol: u don't prefer Openbravo POS integratrion i did?
CarlosRuiz: red1 - seems confusing - people will ask where is release 0.1 here
red1: 0.1 was the Revision i stated in my doc
nmicoud: i mean, maybe we could close automatically ticket if nobody assign it or hasn't been updated for maybe 2 months ?
red1: it was a particular point in the code
red1: because i thought you will announce a 1.0 instead
CarlosRuiz: nmicoud, I would prefer formal triage sessions - we could miss some interesting things if applied strictly
red1: now that u decide it as 0.1.. i should have made another name
CarlosRuiz: is fine red1 - this will be just the first "official" release
red1: then i will call it Offical 0.1
CarlosRuiz: note that I don't like too much the word "official" in a decentralized and open project :-D
red1: u can just make a better number
nmicoud: you're right, but maybe we can organize some sessions to said if we can close or work on them ?
red1: Oracle and MS use year numbers
CarlosRuiz: so, I'm fine with release 0.1 from red1 - that's good on decentralized open project where anybody can make releases
CarlosRuiz: agree nmicoud
red1: thanks.. so yours upcoming will be 0.2?
red1: and since u will make it monthly i can constantly produce installers 0.2, 0.3 , etc
CarlosRuiz: :-) 0.1 prepared from carlos - don't worry about that convention at this stage
CarlosRuiz: is just to set up a starting point
CarlosRuiz: because we're also creating a release tag on repository
red1: then i will have to name my upgrade of the installer as 0.1d
red1: as i already marked a, b,c
CarlosRuiz: is it the windows installer?
red1: yes
CarlosRuiz: great
red1: i was just picking any number
CarlosRuiz: that's windows installer prepared by red1
red1: yes but the version number is same
CarlosRuiz: you can have your release red0.1 :-)
red1: we shuld use centralised running number
red1: yes but now with your release of CR0.1 i dont want to give it a different number
red1: so users will know exactly what is that
CarlosRuiz: my point is - that I would like to provide options for other people to create distros
red1: then i will say its based on iDempiere 1.0
red1: i mean iDempiere 0.1
red1: iDempiere 0.1 release
red1: as published here
red1: oh.. i used 0.9 !
red1: so there is no clash.. its just backwards
red1: no issue now
CarlosRuiz: good
red1: in my repo there wont be a clash of names
red1: numbers
red1: cos u wont reach 0.9 before getting to 1.0 fairly
CarlosRuiz: as I see iDempiere is a core project - the ideal is to have distros - and each distro will have its own release naming convention
red1: hm.. yes.. but my core repo will be as yours
CarlosRuiz: but until we have formal distros I'll do "community" releases - hopefully that won't be needed - just setting up release numbers without making a full release (work for the distros)
red1: i may add OB POS as a plugin
red1: and even Lbero Mfg (only prdouction scheduling minus the accountings)
red1: i like to call this distro "ADempeire OSGi Windows Installer 0.1" etc
CarlosRuiz: agree
CarlosRuiz: ok - guys - thanks for all your feedback - thanks for attending - I'm going out - c u later
red1: ciao
nmicoud: bye bye