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CarlosRuiz: Hello
a42niem: hi Carlos
hengsin: hi carlos
CarlosRuiz: Hi
CarlosRuiz: Heng Sin, do you know if zk has some way to implement right-click on android?
CarlosRuiz: maybe with a long-finger-press?
hengsin: not sure
hengsin: maybe like you say, long press will work
CarlosRuiz: doesn't work - already tested - but wondering if zk has something that we can add in code to manage it - I'll review
CarlosRuiz: I'm doing first baby tests on an android tablet
CarlosRuiz: and first stopper is the lack of right-click to refresh a list
hengsin: ic, what tablet is that ?
CarlosRuiz: Asus EEE Pad Slider
hengsin: chrome will be the future for android
hengsin: maybe click with 2 finger ?
CarlosRuiz: iPad simulate it with 2 finger
CarlosRuiz: but android doesn't
hengsin: ppp
hengsin: ignore that, that ppp is from my boy
CarlosRuiz: introducing him to idempiere world? :-D
hengsin: no, it is bed time for him and he is looking 4 me :)
hengsin: anyway, it is not a good idea to build one UI for desktop and mobile/tablet
hengsin: touch UI needs different layout and interfaction
hengsin: interaction
CarlosRuiz: yes - agree - but at least trying to make it usable as a first step
CarlosRuiz: what would be proper tool to develop android client?
CarlosRuiz: something that generates HTML5?
hengsin: I didn't see many html5 apps on android or ipad, most are native
hengsin: maybe that will change 1 or years from now ...
CarlosRuiz: seems like zk implemented something for ipad on 5.0.7,_Context_Menus_and_Popups#Limitation_of_iOS
hengsin: ic then probably the zk6 port will work
hengsin: let me commit my current wip, it is basically up and running just fine.
CarlosRuiz: great
CarlosRuiz: ce or ee? any feature lost?
hengsin: ce
hengsin: there are some feature lost that needs to be reimplemented
hengsin: and background update have gone slower due to comet is only available in EE
hengsin: but it is otherwise feel smoother, faster.
hengsin: and I have not really explore integrating any new zk5/6 features yet so it should be a mixed thing at the end
hengsin: gain some and loss some :)
CarlosRuiz: yes - I think is a necessary step
hengsin: talking about android tablet, do note that the current 4.0 stock browser support for html5 is not so great but the android chrome beta offer very good html5 support
hengsin: chrome for android should become the stock browser in next release ( 4.1 or 5.0 )
CarlosRuiz: my nexus phone still has not upgraded to ICS - so chrome still not available for me :-(
CarlosRuiz: thinking on rooting it
hengsin: nexus s ?
CarlosRuiz: yep
hengsin: I think the last rollout have some issue and they have suspended it.
hengsin: I'm using HTC DHD, also no 4.0 update yet
hengsin: no tablet yet but my the other half would probably buy an ipad instead.
CarlosRuiz: on ipad adempiere zkwebui is fully working
CarlosRuiz: not the best interface as you said - but at least it can be fully used
hengsin: you would have to do a lot of 2 finger scrolling :)
hengsin: we should really build a separate client ( zk or otherwise ) for tablet.
hengsin: android/ios native client that talk to adempiere server using web service is another interesting stuff ...
hengsin: back to idempiere, I'm thinking of setting some date for it and putting some sort of simple next release road map at jira
CarlosRuiz: for 1.0 release?
CarlosRuiz: we can define what jira tickets must be included on 1.0 and set the target
hengsin: yes, maybe something 1st may release, 2nd of april for trunk freeze
hengsin: yeah, that's what I mean
hengsin: I guess we can have 1.0 and 1.1 at jira, the zk6 port will be for 1.1
CarlosRuiz: but we can make a preview before - a 0.0
CarlosRuiz: the only necessary step would be to run again the UU columns generator
hengsin: that can happen sometime in march but that date is not crucial
hengsin: wdyt, feature freeze on 2nd april so that we got a month to do just bug fixing for 1/5 release ?
CarlosRuiz: mayday again :-)
hengsin: well, just a coincidence
CarlosRuiz: for me it sounds ok
hengsin: I'm on vacation from 4/5 to 12/5 so it is either 1/5 or sometime in june
hengsin: alright, lets stick to that.
CarlosRuiz: mayday sounds fine - and it has some deja vu :-D
hengsin: steven is asking again on integrating their modules to idempiere, how do you think we should approach that ?
CarlosRuiz: can we try to set a chat with Steven and Paul to check that?
hengsin: ok, I can try to check with Steven