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Table of Contents | Full Meeting Minutes | Full Meeting 2012-02-22

Proposed themes to discuss:

  • git vs mercurial (proposed by hengsin)

CarlosRuiz: Hello
red1: Hola
red1: How did the interview of new candidate goes yesterday?
CarlosRuiz: went fine - we'll see
CarlosRuiz: Doing some cleanup of a very bad migration script (one of those bombs) - but please feel free to ask or discuss anything - we're on idempiere meeting time
red1: oh yes is now!
hengsin: hi carlos
CarlosRuiz: Hi hengsin
hengsin: carlos, any reason why we should not just use the wiki provided by bitbucket ?
CarlosRuiz: do you want to discuss git vs mercurial?
hengsin: yeah, we can do that now
CarlosRuiz: would like to see tbayen joining the discussion - but he seems to be away
CarlosRuiz: hengsin, we can use bitbucket wiki - but personally I don't like the formatting of those pages
CarlosRuiz: and the syntax is very different than mediawiki
hengsin: yeah, it is different syntax
hengsin: anyway, maybe we can use that first while waiting for something better ?
red1: if someone goes ahead and use it…
CarlosRuiz: or we could think on a free hosting like wikkii - but I think there is one directly from mediawiki foundation
hengsin: ok, lets look around and we can discuss again this next week.
CarlosRuiz: another option is to ask for sponsorship of an AWS server - and I'll try to get somebody to set it up
hengsin: joel.s have say he can but no definite answer from him yet
red1: ever thought of improved free resources?
CarlosRuiz: I don't have experience with git - trying to read some vs. docs here
CarlosRuiz: interesting there is an hg client for git servers
hengsin: yeah, that's the tool people use to migrate from hg to git
hengsin: the 3 positive that I'm aware of 1) git is officially support by 2) buckminster support 3) Gerrit
hengsin: #3 is not of use though if we dont have a sponsor server for it.
hengsin: maybe we should put this aside first until we have better picture of the infra ?
CarlosRuiz: hengsin, I would be fine with git if you prefer it - as I see it's basically same as mercurial - just change of command line syntax
CarlosRuiz: when I analyzed that here (2009-12-26)
CarlosRuiz: the only difference that can be sustainable for today would be:
CarlosRuiz: mercurial pro - Intelligent merging after renames is supported
CarlosRuiz: hengsin, do you know if bitbucket pull requests operates samely for git?
hengsin: I'm not sure but the wording they use seems to means it works similarly for both
CarlosRuiz: reading this - very fresh opinion ->
CarlosRuiz: ok, done with the readings :-)
CarlosRuiz: so hengsin - what would you advice - I would be in pro of creating a git repository and making some tests with hg-git
red1: i still get feedback from normal developers not that good with anythig beyond SVN
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hengsin: yeah, I think it is best to create a git clone for some testing before we decide further
hengsin: red1, it is not really that difficult but many will just comfortable with they already familiar with.
hengsin: I means "stay conformtable with what they already familiar with"
red1: same story with using Windows (pirated)
buildmaster: Project iDempiere build #132: SUCCESS in 18 min:
buildmaster: globalqss: Cleaning bad updates (unnecessary and probably overwriting possible customizations) found on 785_744_FR3018857_ImporterInventoryMove.sql migration script
CarlosRuiz: /CarlosRuiz using to create git repository from mercurial
CarlosRuiz: ok guys - c u later - I'll publish this full meeting as usual
CarlosRuiz: will post a note on the advance on tbayen thread here
red1: ok
red1: i will track tbayen once in a while
red1: i hear Germans also go to carnivals