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 festival de software libre

On September 27, 2007, GlobalQSS was invited by "Universidad Nacional de Colombia" ( Bogota ) , to participate creating awareness among students  about  other alternatives in computer applications of enterprise managment

Being ADempiere a GNU package  , it becomes a tool easily  available to the entire student community. Our presentation went to Economy department (Business Administration, Accounting and Economics), who in the future when they are working  as professionals, can provide a powerful and economical alternative to assemble and deploy computer management in  a company.

Carlos en UN


Carlos in UN

Our proposal is to bring to classrooms  knowledge of ADempiere and hopefully, in short term this knowledge becomes an aditional  subject   in academic curriculum of schools , since this powerful program represents  future RIGHT NOW and this mean  preparing professionals ready to face changing business processes  that  lead us  to give integral solutions and  generating competition globally.

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