Table idempiere9.adempiere.c_currency
The Currency for this record

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
c_currency_id numeric 10
c_acctschema.c_currency_id c_currency_c_acctschema R
c_conversion_rate.c_currency_id ccurrency_cconversionrate R
c_conversion_rate.c_currency_id_to c_currencyconvrateto R
c_currency_acct.c_currency_id ccurrency_ccurrencyacct C
c_invoice.c_currency_id ccurrency_cinvoice R
c_order.c_currency_id ccurrency_corder R
c_payment.c_currency_id ccurrency_cpayment R
gl_journal.c_currency_id ccurrency_gljournal R
gl_journalline.c_currency_id ccurrency_gljournalline R
i_conversion_rate.c_currency_id ccurrency_iconvrate N
i_conversion_rate.c_currency_id_to ccurrency_iconvrateto N
i_gljournal.c_currency_id ccurrency_igljournal N
The Currency for this record
ad_client_id numeric 10 Client/Tenant for this installation.
ad_org_id numeric 10 Organizational entity within client
isactive bpchar 1 'Y'::bpchar The record is active in the system
created timestamp 29,6 now() Date this record was created
createdby numeric 10 User who created this records
updated timestamp 29,6 now() Date this record was updated
updatedby numeric 10 User who updated this records
iso_code bpchar 3 Three letter ISO 4217 Code of the Currency
cursymbol varchar 10  √  null Symbol of the currency (opt used for printing only)
description varchar 255 Optional short description of the record
stdprecision numeric 10 Rule for rounding calculated amounts
costingprecision numeric 10 Rounding used costing calculations
iseuro bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar This currency is the Euro
isemumember bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar This currency is member if the European Monetary Union
emuentrydate timestamp 29,6  √  null Date when the currency joined / will join the EMU
emurate numeric 0  √  0 Official rate to the Euro
roundofffactor numeric 0  √  null Used to Round Off Payment Amount
c_currency_uu varchar 36  √  NULL::character varying C_Currency_UU

Table contained 175 rows at 2021-12-25 14:47 +0100

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
c_currency_id Primary key Asc c_currency_pkey
c_currency_uu Must be unique Asc c_currency_uu_idx
iso_code Must be unique Asc c_currencyisocode

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