Table idempiere9.adempiere.ad_language
Language ID

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ad_language varchar 6
ad_client.ad_language adlangu_adclient R
c_bpartner.ad_language ad_language_c_buspartner R
c_country.ad_language adlanguage_ccountry R
Language for this entity
ad_client_id numeric 10
ad_client.ad_client_id languageclient R
Client/Tenant for this installation.
ad_org_id numeric 10
ad_org.ad_org_id languageorg R
Organizational entity within client
isactive bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar The record is active in the system
created timestamp 29,6 now() Date this record was created
createdby numeric 10 User who created this records
updated timestamp 29,6 now() Date this record was updated
updatedby numeric 10 User who updated this records
name varchar 60 Alphanumeric identifier of the entity
languageiso bpchar 2  √  null Lower-case two-letter ISO-3166 code -
countrycode bpchar 2  √  null Upper-case two-letter alphanumeric ISO Country code according to ISO 3166-1 -
isbaselanguage bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar The system information is maintained in this language
issystemlanguage bpchar 1 'N'::bpchar The screens, etc. are maintained in this Language
processing bpchar 1  √  null Process Now
ad_language_id numeric 10 Language ID
isdecimalpoint bpchar 1  √  null The number notation has a decimal point (no decimal comma)
datepattern varchar 20  √  null Java Date Pattern
timepattern varchar 20  √  null Java Time Pattern
ad_language_uu varchar 36  √  NULL::character varying AD_Language_UU
isloginlocale bpchar 1  √  'N'::bpchar Login Locale
ad_printpaper_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric Printer paper definition
printname varchar 60 NULL::character varying The label text to be printed on a document or correspondence.

Table contained 109 rows at 2021-12-25 14:46 +0100

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
ad_language Primary key Asc ad_language_pkey
ad_language_id Must be unique Asc ad_language_id_idx
ad_language_uu Must be unique Asc ad_language_uu_idx

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