Table idempiere9.adempiere.fact_acct_summary
Accounting Fact summary

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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
ad_client_id numeric 10 Client/Tenant for this installation.
ad_orgtrx_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
ad_org.ad_org_id adorgtrx_factacctsummary R
Performing or initiating organization
ad_org_id numeric 10 Organizational entity within client
account_id numeric 10
c_elementvalue.c_elementvalue_id account_factacctsummary R
Account used
amtacctcr numeric 0 Accounted Credit Amount
amtacctdr numeric 0 Accounted Debit Amount
c_acctschema_id numeric 10 Rules for accounting
c_activity_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
c_activity.c_activity_id cactivity_factacctsummary R
Business Activity
c_bpartner_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
c_bpartner.c_bpartner_id cbpartner_factacctsummary R
Identifies a Business Partner
c_campaign_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
c_campaign.c_campaign_id ccampaign_factacctsummary R
Marketing Campaign
c_locfrom_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
c_location.c_location_id clocfrom_factacctsummary R
Location that inventory was moved from
c_locto_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
c_location.c_location_id clocto_factacctsummary R
Location that inventory was moved to
c_period_id numeric 10 Period of the Calendar
c_projectphase_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
c_projectphase.c_projectphase_id cprojectphase_factacctsummary R
Phase of a Project
c_projecttask_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
c_projecttask.c_projecttask_id cprojecttask_factacctsummary R
Actual Project Task in a Phase
c_project_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
c_project.c_project_id cproject_factacctsummary R
Financial Project
c_salesregion_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
c_salesregion.c_salesregion_id csalesregion_factacctsummary R
Sales coverage region
c_subacct_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric Sub account for Element Value
created timestamp 29,6 statement_timestamp() Date this record was created
createdby numeric 10 User who created this records
gl_budget_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric General Ledger Budget
isactive bpchar 1 The record is active in the system
m_product_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
m_product.m_product_id mproduct_factacctsummary R
Product, Service, Item
pa_reportcube_id numeric 10 Define reporting cube for pre-calculation of summary accounting data.
postingtype bpchar 1 The type of posted amount for the transaction
qty numeric 0 Quantity
updated timestamp 29,6 statement_timestamp() Date this record was updated
updatedby numeric 10 User who updated this records
user1_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
c_elementvalue.c_elementvalue_id user1_factacctsummary R
User defined list element #1
user2_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric
c_elementvalue.c_elementvalue_id user2_factacctsummary R
User defined list element #2
userelement1_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric User defined accounting Element
userelement2_id numeric 10  √  NULL::numeric User defined accounting Element
dateacct timestamp 29,6  √  null Accounting Date
fact_acct_summary_uu varchar 36  √  NULL::character varying Fact_Acct_Summary_UU

Table contained 0 rows at 2021-12-25 14:44 +0100

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
fact_acct_summary_uu Must be unique Asc fact_acct_summary_uu_idx
ad_client_id + ad_org_id + c_acctschema_id + account_id Performance Asc/Asc/Asc/Asc fas_account
dateacct Performance Asc fas_dateacct
c_period_id Performance Asc fas_period
pa_reportcube_id Performance Asc fas_reportcube

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