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Table of Contents | Full Meeting Minutes | Full Meeting 2013-09-18

PedroRozo: Good Morning/Afternnon everyone ...
red1: should we export or move those away to external Libero Mfg plugin?
hengsin: we can't move those to libero mfg plugin. the one in libero is not the same
CarlosRuiz: Good Morning
JanThielemann_: morning
nmicoud: Bonjour
PedroRozo: Carlos. quick question: LCO is stable within idempiere .?..we are targeting to start a small implementation soon with Idempeere and want to see if LCO is 100% functional at this moment.
CarlosRuiz: PedroRozo, please test it and report any issue
red1: hengsin: so can i raise tracker that package in Callout be exported for use from outside?
hengsin: yes, that can be useful if you want to extend it. what's your use case here ?
hengsin: Hi, Carlos, any progress on the zoom to detail tab issue ?
PedroRozo: sure Carlos. we are already in that process, just want check from your side, what is your status about it you think is already stable ?
hengsin: that's one significant usability issue.
red1: hengsin: i am just extending the CalloutInOut
red1: u are right, its not using its own Libero
red1: that is in adempiere.base > org.eevolution.model
red1: so i rephrase - can we migrate eevolution away from base?
red1: since its only in use by external plugin
CarlosRuiz: hengsin, for the zoom to detail there is a patch from Juliana that I'm peer reviewing now
red1: and adempiere.base.Callout needs to export out org.compiere.model for common Callout reuse
red1: PedroRozo: question about stabllity cannot be answered by the creator
red1: he released it so that others test it. Then collectively we attest to its stability
red1: there is no vendor relationship here
Deepak: hengsin, Have you get chance to peer review IDEMPIERE-1306?
red1: i am about to release Libero Mfg... hope others test it
PedroRozo: Red1 ...i get your point, but still as a users/integrators, any time that we try to use a product/component from otehr members we expect to have a preliminary status of the stability/sttaus , is is a normal expectation ... doesn´t it ?
red1: it depends on testing <-- normal expectations
red1: Software development 101
red1: read the trackers, to ajudge some idea
red1: talk to others via forums on using it
hengsin: deepak, sorry, not yet.
red1: those who use will hit bugs
red1: then they are expected to report it <-- expected
red1: i never believe a developer's own testing
red1: or claims for that matter
red1: if i do, i will be happy in Adempiere
red1: put it bluntly, i don't trust Carlos. :D
red1: i advise u to do the same
red1: trust the Jenkins for build errors, then the JIRA for community usage that attest to its usability and stability
red1: just my 2 threads
CarlosRuiz: hengsin, about IDEMPIERE-1064 - did you check also the comment from Antonio Cañaveral?
PedroRozo: red1/carlos. I understand your "community oriented " perspective of testing ... but as a community, once in a while we should share our expriences/suggestion about challenges/stability of our components ... something simple as:, we believe is stable .. or perhaps : better wait , alot of developemnt is in progress ... anyways, thanks for your feedback .
CarlosRuiz: PedroRozo, I already answered your question -> please test it and report any issue
hengsin: Carlos, yes, that's addressed
red1: PedroRozo: does any other FOSS project does what you say?
CarlosRuiz: Venezuela and Ecuador are testing LCO - reporting issues and some reports come with proper patch to fix
CarlosRuiz: usually a bug report is fixed on next day (when not same day) - that's what I expect from community
red1: CarlosRuiz: LCO testing, bugs reported in the trackers by them ?
red1: sorry, you just answered!
PedroRozo: do you have any knowledge/guidelines about this topic :Warehouse within GL Distribution in Idempiere/adempiere 3.6) ...!topic/idempiere/_MrnG4BBitU
CarlosRuiz: PedroRozo, you can try configuring userelement1 as warehouse
PedroRozo: but is that warehouse functionality working within the GL distribution logic ? ...or is there any otehr docs/url about how to use these advanced/hidden fields of the GL distribution ?
CarlosRuiz: > but is that warehouse functionality working within the GL distribution logic
CarlosRuiz: you must test it
CarlosRuiz: > is there any otehr docs/url about how to use these advanced/hidden fields of the GL distribution?
CarlosRuiz: there must be in *mpiere wikis
JanThielemann_: is it possible to group invoices for a customer?
JanThielemann_: for example a customer order on 1st, 5th and 8th of month and only get 1 invoice on 31st?
nmicoud: there is a checkbox for this
nmicoud: in generate invoice process
CarlosRuiz: invoice schedule functionality
nmicoud: something like 'consolidate'
JanThielemann_: thank you :)
JanThielemann_: what about delivery advice/notification - in german it's call "avis"
DCS_Ocurieles: good morning
CarlosRuiz: Hi Orlando
DCS_Ocurieles: I have a question, we are working on payroll plugin, how can create a form on IDempiere ?
CarlosRuiz: there is already a form in payroll - HRActionNotice - just follow the same approach
DCS_Ocurieles: yes but only for swing client
aparra: swing client idempiere not show this form.
DCS_Ocurieles: and really we need create this form on WebUI
JanThielemann_: use the IFormFactory OSGi component
JanThielemann_: and extend ADForm for webui forms
CarlosRuiz: there is a webui form also for HRActionNotice
CarlosRuiz: WHRActionNotice - zkwebui view
CarlosRuiz: VHRActionNotice - swing view
CarlosRuiz: HRActionNotice - model
DCS_Ocurieles: carlos in your Adempiere 361 final source is this form ?
DCS_Ocurieles: sorry my iPhone IRC client close my connections
CarlosRuiz: long time ago ->
DCS_Ocurieles: ok thanks
CarlosRuiz: hengsin - got the fix for the zoom to detail - testing it now
norbertbede: hi
norbertbede: we imported 15 000 products at customer site to idempiere
norbertbede: after that i cant open product window. error message appear.
norbertbede: does anybody met similar behaviour ?
norbertbede: pls
CarlosRuiz: what error message?
norbertbede: moment pls i check it
norbertbede: Timeout loading row 1
norbertbede: 20:07:06.257===========> zkoss.handleError:1359: >>java.lang.IllegalStateException: Timeout loading row 1
norbertbede: if its something new i should create now a new issue
norbertbede: in jira
CarlosRuiz: there is a recommendation on forums to create an index to improve performance on product window
CarlosRuiz: also can be even better to disable a virtual column that is on product table
norbertbede: co i dont create issue on that - altough 15k record not too mach
norbertbede: thanks - could you redirect me to that topic ?
norbertbede: pls
norbertbede: no result if founding: Timeout loading row 1
norbertbede: THANKS
norbertbede: Carlos what you suggest ? we are live at customer, with 1.0c. very slow implementation follow, process by process but realy customer.
norbertbede: i will report each bugs here, we found - or customer - but you suggest to update to nightly build ?
norbertbede: daily - or - periodically
norbertbede: would be nice to know your or community opninion
CarlosRuiz: are you at implementation stage? or production?
norbertbede: sorry dont know what you mean stage, but really database, starting each week appox 1 proces
norbertbede: so my side is producrtion
norbertbede: ah - implementation stage - some areas going to production - by proces
norbertbede: understand now
norbertbede: like they started to use business partners, products and assets. so cleaning base data now
norbertbede: then continue with other processes
CarlosRuiz: my advice is -> when in production you need to be very careful - apply patches on a test server - test everything and if everything goes ok then move it to prod
norbertbede: ok. so go trough patches, faced probllems
norbertbede: thanks well
norbertbede: other topic
norbertbede: we really start testing development on osgi, but my developers has problem with replace an exising feature - override it trough plugin
norbertbede: let'say we cusomise print format and need override basic function, we wonder how to do it
norbertbede: could anybody recommend the right direction ?
norbertbede: i believe my explanation is clear
hengsin: norbertbede, you can't override classes through plugin