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Not-83d6[iDempiere] CarlosRuiz_globalqss pushed 1 commit to release-3.1 [+2/-0/±2] https://bitbucket.org/idempiere/idempiere/commits/00:39
Not-83d6[iDempiere] elainetan 85d5269 - IDEMPIERE-2973 / 1005382 Requests are showing up on the wrong person's calendar00:39
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] carlosruiz_globalqss updated IDEMPIERE-2973 status set to "Resolved" -assignee set to "Elaine Tan" -resolution set to "Fixed"00:40
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-297300:40
Not-83d6[iDempiere3.1] jenkins built #25 completed (success) http://ci.idempiere.org/job/iDempiere3.1/25/00:52
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] hieplq updated IDEMPIERE-296801:38
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] please commit this ticket, and install a jfrog to jenkins server, i will configuration it.01:38
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296801:38
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] hagi updated IDEMPIERE-293504:15
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] Hi Carlos! Thank you for considering the best way for us. I confirmed your patch. I think your patch is best from point of performance and null check. Thank you for accepting my opinion. But, I think, my problem is not yet resolved. the problem is below: Focus of search field is out after input data to search field when new record create on Grid Mode. OK! Anywhy,I continue investigating it. I will report04:15
Not-83d6when I resolved this problem. See you! :D04:15
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-293504:15
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Not-83d6[iDempiere3.1Daily] jenkins built #19 completed (success) http://ci.idempiere.org/job/iDempiere3.1Daily/19/06:21
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] ngordon7000 updated IDEMPIERE-296807:08
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] > i try to make a wiki, but i hand up. so crazy with wiki editor and my English [~hieplq] Just an idea: why not do the wiki in Vietnamese, and maybe someone will translate it?07:08
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296807:08
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Not-83d6[iDempiere-experimental] jenkins built #99 completed (failure) http://ci.idempiere.org/job/iDempiere-experimental/99/08:10
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Not-83d6[iDempiere-experimental] jenkins built #100 completed (success) http://ci.idempiere.org/job/iDempiere-experimental/100/08:31
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Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] hieplq created IDEMPIERE-2974 update atmosphere to latest and use osgi way09:25
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-297409:25
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Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] carlosruiz_globalqss updated IDEMPIERE-2935 status set to "Reopened" -resolution set to "None"22:51
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] Thanks [~hagi], can you please describe the issue with a GardenWorld example if possible? Or steps to reproduce?22:51
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-293522:51
Not-83d6[iDempiere] CarlosRuiz_globalqss pushed 2 commits to release-3.1 [+2/-0/±3] https://bitbucket.org/idempiere/idempiere/commits/23:03
Not-83d6[iDempiere] muriloht 5e99a4b - IDEMPIERE-2967 - RV_UnPosted with M_Production hardcoded values23:03
Not-83d6[iDempiere] globalqss bc8d4d8 - IDEMPIERE-2967 - RV_UnPosted with M_Production hardcoded values / fix register on oracle script23:03
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] carlosruiz_globalqss updated IDEMPIERE-2967 status set to "Resolved" -assignee set to "Murilo Habermann Torquato" -Fix Version set to "3.1" -resolution set to "Fixed"23:04
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296723:04
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] carlosruiz_globalqss updated IDEMPIERE-291123:18
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] [~a42niem], I queried opinions from others in community. I think the best would be to make this configurable, maybe: > To make it configurable it could be to add a flag to trees, something like "show full tree on detail" Regards, Carlos Ruiz23:18
Not-83d6[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-291123:18
Not-83d6[iDempiere3.1] jenkins built #26 completed (success) http://ci.idempiere.org/job/iDempiere3.1/26/23:25

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