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Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-249101:39
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norbertbedehi all09:06
norbertbedeim looking for option disable click to logo and open system informations09:06
norbertbedefor regular users09:06
norbertbededoes any solution for that ?09:06
nmicoudhi norbert, you can create a class that extends HeaderPanel09:10
nmicoudand when you will click on the logo, it will open your own 'AboutWindow' instead of regular one09:10
nmicoudAnother option could be to change the AboutWindow.java (or something like that). THe Info tab could be shown only if role is advanced09:13
nmicoudif (MRole.getDefault(Env.getCtx(), false).isAccessAdvanced()) {09:13
norbertbede thanks09:35
norbertbedeso we need coding09:35
nmicouda little bit09:39
nmicoudnot sure it can be done another way09:39
nmicoudor... maybe create a patch and a sysconfig that will apply the control based on advanced role09:39
norbertbedetaht would be the most better solution09:39
nmicoudi think09:40
nmicouduseful for every one i guess09:40
nmicoudcreate the jira ticket and assign it to me, i will upload the patch if you want09:40
norbertbedeamazing :)09:40
norbertbedei will do that09:40
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] norbert.bede created IDEMPIERE-2965 Sysconfig for RESTRICT_INFO_TAB_TO_ADVANCED_ROLES09:50
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296509:50
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] norbert.bede updated IDEMPIERE-296509:52
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] [~nmicoud] also thinking about 2 values A. advanced roles, B. superuser. Because advanced users is too wide topic in the system, i would like to define only userid=100 entitled.09:52
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296509:52
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HideakiHagiwaraHello, everyone :D12:59
druizHi HideakiHagiwara :D13:00
HideakiHagiwaraHi, druiz!13:00
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AntonHallo Carlos13:04
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] nmicoud updated IDEMPIERE-2965 Attachment set to "IDEMPIERE-2965.patch"13:09
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296513:09
AntonHallo is there someone attending the IRC chat?13:11
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] nmicoud updated IDEMPIERE-296513:12
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] Hi [~norbert.bede], please find the patch we discuss this morning. You can add a Sysconfig key (on client level) called : RESTRICT_INFO_TAB It can have 2 values : A : the info tab will only be displayed if current role is set as Advanced S : the info tab will only be displayed if current user is created on the System tenant (ie System and SuperUser) Regards, Nicolas13:12
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296513:12
druizAnton, Carlos will be late today to the IRC meeting. But he will come later13:21
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aguerrahello every body, good morning!!!13:26
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DeepakHello All13:30
druizHi aguerra13:30
DeepakGood Morning13:30
druizhi Deepak13:30
DeepakHello Diego13:31
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AntonHallo, Is Carlos around?13:53
druizAnton, Carlos will come later today.13:58
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norbertbedeso how many people testing 3.1 ?14:39
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CarlosRuizGood Morning15:00
hieplq-bkgood evening @CarlosRuiz15:12
hieplq-bki try update zk to 8.0.0 with a bit efford15:13
hieplq-bktest a round and seem it's ok15:13
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hieplq-bkdo you want try in development branch?15:13
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hieplq-bkand idempiere use very old javascript persist-js 2.0 to store client info15:16
hieplq-bknow almost web browse support html5. we can remove persist-js15:16
CarlosRuizgood hieplq-bk - did you try it in experimental?15:17
hieplq-bkpersist-js also discontinue development https://github.com/jeremydurham/persist-js15:17
hieplq-bksure. will add to experimental.15:17
hieplq-bkwdyt about remove persist-js? it can save a bit bandwidth.15:19
CarlosRuizit sounds ok - please open a ticket for that and I'll ask also for hengin's opinion15:21
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Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] hieplq created IDEMPIERE-2966 replace persist-js by localStorage of html515:33
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296615:33
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Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] hieplq updated IDEMPIERE-2966 labels set to "+Patch" -Attachment set to "IDEMPIERE-2966.patch"15:38
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296615:38
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] hieplq updated IDEMPIERE-2966 status set to "Peer Review Queue"15:38
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296615:38
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Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] muriloht created IDEMPIERE-2967 Unposted Documents - rv_unposted with M_Production hardcoded values18:04
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296718:04
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] muriloht updated IDEMPIERE-2967 description set to "The rv_unposted view has some M_Production related"18:11
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296718:11
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] muriloht updated IDEMPIERE-2967 Attachment set to "IDEMPIERE-2967.patch"18:14
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296718:14
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] muriloht updated IDEMPIERE-2967 description set to "The rv_unposted view has some M_Production related values like DocumentNo as Name and DocStatus as "CO""18:15
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296718:15
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] muriloht updated IDEMPIERE-2967 labels set to "+Patch"18:16
Not-f40f[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-296718:16
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