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Not-c3a5[IDEMPIERE] deepak updated IDEMPIERE-2955 assignee set to "Deepak Pansheriya"05:34
Not-c3a5[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-295505:34
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aguerraGood morning and Feliz cumplaƱos CarlosRuiz, how was?12:38
CarlosRuizHi aguerra - thanks - it was good   :-)12:38
a42niemyeah! CarlosRuiz Happy Birthday afterwards!12:41
aguerraany one has a integration with magneto that want to share ?12:42
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CarlosRuizthanks a42niem  :)12:48
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DeepakCarlos, Happy Be lated Birthday12:59
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CarlosRuizGood morning13:00
DeepakGood Morning All13:00
HideakiHagiwaraGood morning :D13:00
CarlosRuiz:) Thanks Deepak13:07
smartjspGood Morning everyone ....13:09
DeepakGood Morning Pedro13:10
DeepakCarlos, I want to discuss about single session implementation you did13:11
DeepakWe took same route first and then we just detoured considering some risk13:11
smartjspgood to hear from you side Deepak ...13:11
DeepakRisk are may be keeping compiere service object connected for longer time13:11
DeepakAnd second risk is sharing ctx between multiple request13:12
hieplq@CarlosRuiz, i tested ant download from sourceforge, and it do without any delay.13:13
DeepakSo what we did is cloned Ctx just after first login and if we are getting authentication login, then we are just adding clone of cached ctx. This save us from time spent for login and role verifcation13:14
Deepaksmartjsp thanks13:15
CarlosRuizhieplq, that sounds good13:17
CarlosRuizwhat is your sourceforge user?13:17
hieplqi forget it, so i download form zkoss13:17
CarlosRuizcan you please check?  is to give you upload permissions on sf13:18
DeepakIf all interested I would like to ask opinion for new iDempiere portal theme13:18
DeepakHere I had listed some13:18
hieplqhi @Deepak, need request right to access?13:19
CarlosRuizDeepak, the main goal we talked at Bischofstein about improving performance on webservices was about to reuse the same session13:19
DeepakPlease send, So I can give you access13:19
Deepakhieplq, access granted13:21
CarlosRuizI'm trying with my proposed patch to achieve that without adding anything to webservices - is full backward compatible13:21
Deepak@carlosRuiz, yes and performance will be almost same of with both approach13:21
DeepakCurrently major time taken for small request is for login13:21
CarlosRuizAs I understood your patch didn't implement that13:21
Deepak@CarlosRuiz, my patch is backward compitable now, But it has added nillable additional element in login request13:22
hieplq@CarlosRuiz, it's hiepgau13:23
DeepakNorbert tested backward compitablity as he is using lots of web service13:24
hieplqthanks @Deepak13:24
CarlosRuizI mean backward compatible is that it didn't add anything to the webservices - I didn't change or added any field13:24
CarlosRuizI didn't add tokens or anything - it just reuse the same login info13:24
DeepakYes, Carlos13:24
CarlosRuizbut - again - what Saul told me before and you confirmed is that in your patch it didn't implement the reuse of session13:24
DeepakBut for Authentication token implementation, We need to add this field later13:25
DeepakYes, there is no reuse of session13:25
CarlosRuizso - I want to firstly solve that13:25
CarlosRuizand my patch propose a way to solve it without impact to the actual web services13:25
CarlosRuizthen we look for the auth token - which I think has a different goal13:26
DeepakBut I see risk of 2 web service interfering with each other13:26
DeepakFor example if you made 2 composite request call, With same credential and they try to use same session13:27
DeepakWe need to test for this13:27
Deepakif one service pickup ctx variable from other service and it become non predictable behavior13:27
CarlosRuizgood idea for a test case13:28
CarlosRuizif the session comes from the same IP with same login data - it will try to reuse the same session13:29
DeepakAs I mentioned we first did same approach like you, and then when I start thinking all possible things, I concluded that it is my wrong decision to share compiere service object between session13:29
CarlosRuiznot sure about that risk - is the same session with same login data - which is the risk?13:30
DeepakUsing compiere service object between multiple request13:31
DeepakI like your idea of same login detail using to avoid relogin13:31
CarlosRuizhieplq, you have permissions to upload to idempiere now -> https://sourceforge.net/projects/idempiere/13:32
CarlosRuizI think could be good to create a folder there libraries/3.1  ?13:33
CarlosRuizor "jarfiles" ?13:33
hieplqyes. will do13:35
CarlosRuizand I think can be good to have one folder per version - so we could materialize old versions in future13:36
DeepakShould we continue with exp branch concept or just use patch?13:38
DeepakCreating Exp branch for just one ticket not looks good idea13:39
CarlosRuizDeepak, yes - I haven't checked if every webservice call is threaded or all of them are using the same thread - if all using the same thread then there's a risk there about mixing stuff - unless the process is sequential13:39
Deepak@CarlosRuiz, I am thinking that once this tested, We need to merge your patch and our patch for taking better things13:40
CarlosRuizI prefer not to mix them in principle13:41
CarlosRuizexperimental is suggested for potentially disruptive things13:41
CarlosRuizabout the reuse session - I'm trying to make it non-disruptive - changing the less possible - to integrate into 3.113:43
CarlosRuizfor the auth tokens - we need to check how disruptive it will be - but I prefer not to mix both - different goals13:43
Deepak@carlosRuiz, in terms of backward compatibility, it will not stop existing service to work13:48
DeepakAlso for existing service there will not be any behavior change13:48
DeepakAs Token is additional non required field, and also this behavior start after a system configuration, untill user do not enable it, it should work same way13:49
CarlosRuizgood - that's what I need to test13:51
CarlosRuizbut first I want to tackle the performance / thousand-sessions issue13:51
Deepak@CarlosRuiz, Visitor here13:53
DeepakWe can discuss further later, May be over skype13:53
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norbertbedehi all13:56
CarlosRuizHi norbertbede14:00
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Not-c3a5[IDEMPIERE] hieplq updated IDEMPIERE-2940 Attachment set to "IDEMPIERE-2940-moveFileServer.patch"14:56
Not-c3a5[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-294014:56
hieplq@CarlosRuiz, maybe you ask jenkins server for test this https://idempiere.atlassian.net/secure/attachment/23101/IDEMPIERE-2940-moveFileServer.patch14:58
hieplqtoday, my network is slow to test materialize14:58
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aguerraCarlos Ruiz, i am trying to use NF 1.0 GL Journal Generator, how i select the period of adjust when generated the note15:43
aguerraok i see that in the GL Journal that was generated we need to change for that period, no ?15:50
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aguerrathank CarlosRuiz,16:55
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CarlosRuizthanks hieplq - integrated your patch and fixed the sourceforge links17:10
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hieplqthanks @CarlosRuiz. when you recreate experience branch, please notify me.17:54
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