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norbertbedehi ChuckBoecking10:25
norbertbedeayt ?10:25
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mark__hi any one here?13:05
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DeepakHello All13:13
CarlosRuizGood morning13:15
nmicoudI realized this morning that the new version is 3.1 and not 3.0. Any reason ?13:17
mark__hi everyone13:18
mark__am new here13:18
mark__can anyone give me some hints please?13:18
nmicoudhi mark__13:19
nmicoudhints for what ?13:19
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mark__am still brand new13:21
mark__i need some technical stuff please13:21
mark__and as i saw in the admin menu that have translations already in the system?! but cant manager to see any translation even after activating it13:22
a42niemhi guys13:22
DeepakWelcome mark___13:23
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mark__Thanks Deepak13:23
mark__am searching the fourms, but to tell you the truth its a bit confusing13:23
DeepakYou should go to Language window and enable language you want to see translation for13:23
mark__i did already13:23
DeepakSee there is no default translation, so you may need to import for your language13:24
a42niemthen import the respective translation files13:24
DeepakIf it is already in data directory13:24
mark__aha, and where do i get the translatin from?13:24
a42niemwhich language?13:24
mark__i checked in launchpad, its not even mentioned13:25
a42niemis it TH as language?13:27
a42niemlook in the server installation in the data/th_TH directory13:28
mark__i installed in ubuntu :(13:28
a42niemmeans what?13:28
mark__its also available there?13:28
Deepakyou should go to server home directory13:28
Deepakthen you can look at data directory13:28
mark__home is empty13:29
a42niemhow did you install?13:29
mark__deb installer13:29
Deepakdownload from here13:30
a42niemokay, it is putting it into /opt/idempiere-server13:30
mark__ya i got it13:30
mark__ya there is many xml files in the th-th directory13:31
mark__oh its translated :)13:31
a42niemstart the language import and point it to that directory13:31
a42niemfollow the wiki explanations13:31
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Deepak_Mark, Please note that full translation may not available. you may need to add missing translation manually13:32
mark__can i contribute the missing translations?13:32
Deepak_That is appreciated13:32
a42niemsure, we are always happy about contributions13:33
mark__but where to do it?13:33
Deepak_When you found missing translation for any menu, window, tab name13:34
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Deepak_you should go to respective table and update translation there13:34
mark__in my installation you mean?13:35
Deepak_iDempiere create default record for each translation once you enable language13:35
a42niemsee http://wiki.idempiere.org/en/Localization and especially the two links at the bottom of the page to the adempiere wiki13:35
Deepak_But for those records which are already presents, you need to run process called maintain translation13:36
Deepak_I think what a42niem pointed is perfect place to start with13:36
Deepak_that will answer your all question13:36
mark__ok thanks a lot13:37
mark__but another thing please13:37
mark__when i deployed the instalation i pointed it to 8080 for http13:37
mark__can i change this any how>13:37
a42niemin the mentioned directory there is setup.sh13:38
a42niemor if you prefer non-graphiacal there ist setup-console.sh13:38
a42niemit will ask you all necessary data13:39
mark__but it will not overwrite any thing right?13:39
a42niemonly installationwise13:39
a42niemdatabase content is not changed13:39
a42niemif you mean that13:40
mark__hmmm, it didnt ask anything when i opened it13:40
mark__it just setup: BUILD SUCCESSFUL  BUILD SUCCESSFUL Total time: 2 seconds ... Make .sh executable13:40
Deepak_CarlosRuiz, Did you get chance to test RunProcess enhancement?13:41
mark__is there any installation / deployment service in there?13:41
CarlosRuiznot yet Deepak_13:42
CarlosRuiznmicoud, to answer your question - a bit late  :-)13:42
CarlosRuizas we named development 3.0 some time ago - and in all scenarios we have been talking about 3.013:42
CarlosRuizI preferred to differentiate that 3.0 that was beta during almost 1 year - with this 3.1 that is not beta and is maintained13:42
a42niemmark__ setup.sh should present you a window with installtion details13:42
nmicoudok, got it :)13:42
mark__@a42niem it didnt13:42
a42niema test button and a save button13:42
mark__it just opened, finished...13:42
a42niemmaybe you are the wrong user or you dont have graphics13:43
a42niemtry setup-console.sh instead13:43
a42niemsorry console-setup.sh13:44
mark__i dont have graphics, i do via ssh13:44
mark__i tried but its stuck now13:44
Deepak_CarlosRuiz, Now new features like RunProcess, Authentication token should go to 3.1 or on 4.0?13:45
a42niemCarlosRuiz: ldd uuid_ossp.so gives me some error messages13:45
Deepak_Once RunProcess is added, Authorization token support in webservice is another big improvement we have to push13:45
Deepak_Nobert has tested it13:46
a42niemError relocating /usr/lib/postgresql/uuid-ossp.so: pg_detoast_datum: symbol not found13:46
a42niemError relocating /usr/lib/postgresql/uuid-ossp.so: DirectFunctionCall1Coll: symbol not found13:46
a42niemError relocating /usr/lib/postgresql/uuid-ossp.so: uuid_in: symbol not found13:46
a42niemit should still be sufficient for demo and test purposes13:47
a42niemi will make a feature request in alpines ticket system to provide uuid-ossp13:48
CarlosRuizanother community member (Saul) is helping me to review the token stuff - but in principle he told me is not solving the multiple session opening13:50
CarlosRuiza42niem, are you testing with the new IVA or the 2.1?13:50
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a42niemthe new one13:50
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CarlosRuizdo you have any /lib/libuuid* file?13:52
mark__can i have another question please?13:53
CarlosRuiza42niem, the file I copied shows this:13:53
CarlosRuiz$ file /usr/lib/postgresql/9.4/lib/uuid-ossp.so13:53
CarlosRuiz/usr/lib/postgresql/9.4/lib/uuid-ossp.so: ELF 64-bit LSB  shared object, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, BuildID[sha1]=9a76c38fc4381747978800940b6cda54c0f73d68, stripped13:53
mark__is there a client / window tool to connect to the server?13:54
CarlosRuizah - another thing a42niem - before that I think I executed also13:55
CarlosRuizapk update13:55
CarlosRuizapk upgrade13:55
CarlosRuizdon't know if that makes a difference13:55
CarlosRuizstrange thing is that on old IVA it worked for me - but I did those tricks  :-)13:56
CarlosRuizmark__, there is a swing client - but we don't recommend it too much as it has security issues and is behind the web client in terms of the new features13:56
CarlosRuizwebui client is very capable - I would recommend to stick to that one13:57
mark__i dont have any problem13:57
mark__but my problem is my co workers13:57
mark__they dont speak english (what so ever) they dont like anything web based, and our company is demanding (starter growing fast with not efficient budget)13:58
a42niemCarlosRuiz i upgraded also and installed the uuid lib14:01
Deepak_CarlosRuiz, You are correct. Still we are creating new MSession object per request and closing it when request served to not keeping session to be active all time14:01
Deepak_But Ctx is reused14:02
a42niemcomplete output is14:02
a42niemldd /usr/lib/postgresql/uuid-ossp.so14:02
a42niemldd (0x6dbc4961b000)14:02
a42niemlibuuid.so.1 => /lib/libuuid.so.1 (0x6dbc49212000)14:02
a42niemlibc.so.6 => ldd (0x6dbc4961b000)14:02
a42niemError relocating /usr/lib/postgresql/uuid-ossp.so: pg_detoast_datum: symbol not found14:02
a42niemError relocating /usr/lib/postgresql/uuid-ossp.so: DirectFunctionCall1Coll: symbol not found14:02
a42niemError relocating /usr/lib/postgresql/uuid-ossp.so: uuid_in: symbol not found14:02
a42niemso most dependencies are satisfied14:02
a42niemi am just not sure about the errors14:03
Deepak_First we implemented to not close compiere service and do not close it, But it has one issue is that it keep compiere service to be connected all the time14:03
CarlosRuiza42niem, when is that error shown?14:04
a42niemwhen running ldd like in the first line14:04
a42niemin my debian 8.2 it shows14:04
a42niemldd uuid-ossp.so14:04
a42niemlinux-vdso.so.1 (0x00007ffc577ee000)14:04
a42niemlibuuid.so.1 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libuuid.so.1 (0x00007f7e1ccf9000)14:04
a42niemlibc.so.6 => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6 (0x00007f7e1c950000)14:04
a42niem/lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 (0x00007f7e1d10f000)14:04
CarlosRuizI didn't run ldd14:05
a42niemwhich ubuntu version do you use?14:05
a42niemtry ldd please14:05
CarlosRuizyes - same error - but I mean - the create extension and the generate_uuid() works14:06
CarlosRuizI think you need some additional parameters for the ldd14:06
a42niemok, so we can probably ignore it for now14:06
CarlosRuizor maybe you would need libpq-dev to do that14:09
CarlosRuizmy ubuntu -> Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS14:12
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AL3XHey guys, can anyone read me? Is my first time in this chat :)14:21
druizhi AL3X, welcome14:22
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AL3Xnice, hi druiz14:24
a42niemhi Diego14:24
AL3Xfirst i want to give you all my respect for your great work on this software.14:24
Not-d3eb[iDempiere] CarlosRuiz_globalqss pushed 1 commit to release-3.1 [+0/-0/±1] https://bitbucket.org/idempiere/idempiere/commits/14:25
Not-d3eb[iDempiere] hie...@hasuvimex.vn bd681fa - IDEMPIERE-2907:update library (zk, c3p0) correct version of zk library14:25
Not-d3eb[IDEMPIERE] carlosruiz_globalqss updated IDEMPIERE-2907 status set to "Resolved" -resolution set to "Fixed"14:25
Not-d3eb[IDEMPIERE] http://idempiere.atlassian.net/browse/IDEMPIERE-290714:25
druizhi a42niem :D14:27
a42niemCarlosRuiz two things concerning the deb installers: the x86 is using /idempiere.gtk.linux.x86 instead of /opt therefor it fails and in the x86_64 an empty /idempiere.gtk.linux.x86 is unecessarily created14:27
AL3Xi hope i can ask you for a question that i posted in the forum. Its about zk themes14:27
a42niemdruiz did you get any input from Jannis?14:28
CarlosRuizsorry a42niem - didn't get that - but sounded like a bug on the deb generator?14:28
druizfrom the presentation? I'm not sure I haven't check bayen's mail for some time. And have not access to it right now14:29
a42niemCarlosRuiz maybe - you want a ticket for that?14:29
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a42niemdruiz yes, ok the never mind :)14:30
a42niemAL3X just go ahead with your question, maybe someone can help14:32
a42niemdruiz the=then14:32
AL3Xok, thanks. Its about zk themes like sapphire, atlantic or others. Can i use them in idempiere? And how ? I asked this allredy in the sexy webui thread. Redhuan posted there a pic of sapphiere theme used in idempiere, but i tried now a few ways and it dont work.14:37
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CarlosTI Cant Install Adempiere and i want some help14:39
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AL3Xif you can help me in this way, you can answer me also in the forum. So others can use the information to ;)14:52
CarlosRuizAL3X, where are you from?14:53
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AL3XI am from germany, sorry for my bad english14:57
CarlosRuizI don't see bad english  -  most of us are not english speakers14:58
CarlosRuizAL3X, I think sapphire is a zk theme - you don't install zk themes in iDempiere - you install iDempiere themes14:58
CarlosRuizsome people have published themes - that requires some work - and those you can install14:58
Not-d3eb[iDempiere3.1] jenkins built #2 completed (success) http://ci.idempiere.org/job/iDempiere3.1/2/14:58
CarlosRuizmaybe this one is what you saw in that thread?14:59
AL3Xyes its a zk theme. And yes i found the ferrytheme. But i dont know that it is not possible to use zk themes.15:00
CarlosRuizlet me check something ...15:01
AL3XBut i found in the forum the post of redhuan, who use sapphiere zk theme in idempiere.15:01
AL3Xi must leave the chat for the moment now, but i join it later. if it is ok ;)15:02
CarlosRuizseems you can change something in the zk.xml15:03
AL3Xyes i know this page but it dont work ;(    I will be back later :)15:04
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AL3XHey druiz sorry, but now i am back again ;)15:59
druizHey AL3X, I've been trying to do it, but with no success. I'm checking if it is something related to the theme version16:04
AL3XNice thank you16:06
AL3XI try also a different things the last days. I had work with other zk web, but the strukture is there like on the zk documentation. The zk strukture in idempiere is different for me (not like the standard zk web app strukture)16:10
Not-d3eb[iDempiere] CarlosRuiz_globalqss pushed 1 commit to release-3.1 [+0/-0/±1] https://bitbucket.org/idempiere/idempiere/commits/16:11
Not-d3eb[iDempiere] globalqss 1deec34 - IDEMPIERE-1325 Custom iDempiere Home Page16:11
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Not-d3eb[iDempiere] CarlosRuiz_globalqss pushed 1 commit to release-3.1 [+0/-0/±1] https://bitbucket.org/idempiere/idempiere/commits/16:23
Not-d3eb[iDempiere] globalqss 3da5dbf - IDEMPIERE-2907:update library (zk, c3p0)16:23
Not-d3eb[iDempiere3.1] jenkins built #3 completed (success) http://ci.idempiere.org/job/iDempiere3.1/3/16:29
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norbertbedelet me ask. what is the best practice to stop 1 server in load balancing ?16:52
norbertbedee.g i have 4 servers and wants stop all of them same time, and send kill active session - not all but 1 "node"16:53
Not-d3eb[iDempiere3.1] jenkins built #4 completed (success) http://ci.idempiere.org/job/iDempiere3.1/4/16:59
CarlosRuiznorbertbede, I think the session has the information about the server to where is attached17:02
norbertbedeyes has17:04
norbertbedethere is a kill current session al kill all sessions17:04
norbertbedeprobably we need to develop another option17:04
norbertbedejust wondering others know exists somewhere in background17:04
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CarlosRuizah I see - something like "kill selected"17:14
Deepak__Kill Selected will be possible once multi select parameter passing to process is implemented17:16
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CarlosRuizI think that's possible now - in a custom button you can do it17:17
CarlosRuizlike the multi-delete works17:18
Deepak__you mean toolbar button?17:18
CarlosRuizyep - something like that17:19
norbertbedeand are you suggest it call from e.g. linux bash by soap ?17:19
CarlosRuizno, I mean - at this moment you could develop a custom toolbar button for the Active Sessions window which kills the selected records17:20
norbertbedei see17:20
CarlosRuizor sounds even easier to develop an extra process that deletes all sessions from a node17:21
norbertbedethen i mess here another case17:21
norbertbedee.g. start a bash which send kill message/stop users then server17:21
CarlosRuizyep - web services could do that17:22
norbertbedethanks. well17:23
norbertbedefor all :)17:23
norbertbedegoing to mature...17:23
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